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Barrel roll and combat jumping

by Ninox7954

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Re: Learn to move

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@Ninox7954 wrote:

Seriously cannot stress this enough. You guys need to learn how to move in combat. I hardly ever see anyone barrel roll, no one is ever jumping around, no one moves at all in combat. This games combat system focuses on movement, if you are not moving; you are dead. Second area of the tyrant mine, with all the turrets and snipers, first thing I do is collect all the echoes and I hardly take any damage while I fly around the map BECAUSE I BARREL ROLL CONSTANTLY.

The barrel roll isn't just useful for lock on attacks, it's causes all enemies unlock from you for a few seconds preventing them from hitting you. If I'm low on shields first thing I do is jump into the air and start barrel rolling. I can revive people almost anywhere by barrel rolling just before I land, it throws off anyone shooting at me and forces them to take a second to reacquire their target(me), giving me plenty of time to revive people before taking hardly any damage.
Jumping! Oh my god jump! It's not just the dodge ability that makes it hard for enemies to hit you, any sporadic movement messes up their aim, on top of that jumping doesn't cancel your reload. I fight all enemies practically point blank by constantly jumping around the battlefield, Scar enforcers, the big flamer guys? Literally just jump back and forth over their head while shooting down at him, AGAIN they hardly ever hit me. I get down 2 times at most per run of anything, usually not at all but depending on the team and the mission(heart of rage or the scar temple) I might go down once or twice. 

SO in conclusion "Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge." ya scrubs.

Real freelancers dont dodge...real freelancers take cannon fire to the face and schrug it off...

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Re: Learn to move

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@swampDAHskunkapeWhen everyone I've ever played with, except a small handful of people fail to use movement nearly at all, it's clearly not a "small group of people". I am consistently the last one alive that has to run around and revive people. Again I wouldn't be here posting this if it wasn't an extremely common issue.

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Re: Learn to move

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Overheat does last a bit long I agree. What really annoys me however is how getting webbed also overheats your javelin. How does that make any darn sense?

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Re: Learn to move

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You should have titled this Learn to Barrel Roll. I couldn't tell when I used it, still get shot after I roll. If "timed correctly" I can evade that stuff. Maybe it has something to do with difficulty level.

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Re: Learn to move

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Compared to the thousands of people playing, yes, your experience is only representative of a small percentage. Get over yourself. You could have presented this in a much more informative way, but instead you decided arrogance was the higher virtue.

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Re: Learn to move

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@swampDAHskunkapeI've already stated that I should have presented this differently. These are still valid tips. If you do what I've listed than this isn't for you, move on.

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Re: Learn to move

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I've changed the title and removed/reworded a few parts to make it less aggressive.
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