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Banned for no reason

by Habocky

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Banned for no reason

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I just got banned for no reason in this game, and told that they are not going to tell me why, because they don't want reveal their methods of investigation. I think the method is a violation of privacy and thats why they are so hush hush about it.

The last time i cheated in a game i was 10 and played Caesar III, but as my english was bad, i needed money to stay alive. The last time i did something to EA, thats maybe a reason for ban, was when i downloaded a 100% save game for a pirated NFS most wanted 2005. Wanted to buy it, but cant be bought...So yes, i'm furious that a company can just ban you for reason, you are not obligated to know, in a game i payed money for...

Really this is how EA Games treats their costumers? I never going to pay a penny for anything that is even related to EA games.

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Re: Banned for no reason


EA Answers HQ can't help you with your ban other than to guide you to the right people to discuss your ban.


 You must contact the Terms of Service (ToS) team here.


  1. Click Contact us at the top of any page on EA Help.
  2. Select the game that your account was banned or suspended from. If it’s on your whole EA Account, choose Origin.
  3. Choose your platform.
  4. Select Manage my account, then Banned or suspended account.
  5. Fill out any other details below.
    • For example, if you picked Origin, it might ask you if you are accessing the game through an Origin Access membership.
  6. Click Select contact option.
  7. Sign in to your account that has the ban or suspension, if you aren’t already.


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Re: Banned for no reason

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They found stuff, don’t cheat. 

Slow and steady 👋🏻

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Re: Banned for no reason

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But they couldn't have found anything, as im not cheating. And im assuming that they thinking of some kind of aim bot, as i just got banned without a warning.

And just for fun, i read the user agreement and it states: 


If you or someone using your EA Account violates these rules and fails to remedy this violation after a warning, EA may take action against you, including revoking access to certain or all EA Services.


This is a violation of the agreement from their end right?


I'm interested in what they have found, not because I'm a sneaky dude, who improves his aimbot. I'm interested in what they found, because i have nothing installed on my computer thats helps me win in the game.


The only thing i can think of is that i said * in chat like 3 times, but i dont think thats enough for a ban. Especially as their own user agreement states that first i should be warned.


This is pathetic...



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Re: Banned for no reason

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I must admit I worry about being banned for team chat as well.. That would suck hard.

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Re: Banned for no reason

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Nowdays im afraid im going to get banned, for being white, but thats a whole new conversation.


But this is absurd, that someone can just take my money, for no reason. its called stealing.

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Re: Banned for no reason

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The last time I did something sketchy (game-wise) was..never, and that's probably why I'm not banned. It sounds like they noticed a red flag on your account and acted on it..I'm sure they wouldn't ban you just for * and giggles.

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Re: Banned for no reason

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Thats still a no reason ban, man :D. thinking that someone is cheating right now, because he cheated in an offline single player game years ago, for racing with his friends? :D


And think yourself in my shoes. You are saying, that you never cheated, But maybe tomorrow you will be banned, and noone will tell you why. And write a post in the forums, that you got banned for no reason, and someone says that they must found something, cuz they are not going to ban you for no reason. So you are a cheater in their eyes. Because EA games, one of the most hated company in the world, can never make a mistake.


I still cant believe, this is happening, but at least i know, how no one gives a luck about the paying costumers. I dont have to tell you why, you are just a cheater and go luck yourself...

This whole company is a joke i dont why respawn had to work with them...

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Re: Banned for no reason

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@Habocky It's hard to take your word for it when you're opening line is "I cheated in the pass", just saying.
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Re: Banned for no reason

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This is the reply i waited for, its always a good one. Did you comprehend, what i was saying? :D Downloading a save for a 2005 offline game and using aimbot in a Battle Royal online game is the same for you? :D your thinking intrigues me. And the FACT is that i got banned without evidence thats supports it. Im thinking you are cheating too, im not going to tell you why, you are just cheating. So i ban you.

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Re: Banned for no reason

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@Gabrielmojo26 Im just trying to be honest, God damn it!
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