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Balance your legends

by MyCanklesHurt

Original Post

Balance your legends

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Caustic is garbage, mirage is useless, wraith and lifeline and for sweaty tryhards, pathfinder hitbox is abused. Gibby is a bit overtuned with the damage the extra 25 to his gunshield, bloodhounds ulitmate is bad because of the frame drop on console. The only two balanced heros in the game are octane and bangalore.

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Re: Balance your legends

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Thank you for your vivid explanation of all the Legends @mycanklehurt . I love how you put everyone in their boxes. No judgement or openmindness at all. I see some frustration in your post though. I understand that being shot by wraith and lifeline can be frustrating.

Given your post i take it that you play on console, isn't there a built in aimassist that should help you hit your target?

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Re: Balance your legends

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There's nothing wrong with Pathfinders Hitbox, his Legendary skins make him look thicker than actually is. Look how thin the other skins are, that's his actual hitbox.
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Re: Balance your legends

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I completely agree. The pathfinder hit box is fine. I have no issues connecting my shots on pathfinders during my encounters. Not sure why there is a sudden out cry. I find the wraith and Octane much harder to hit. 

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Re: Balance your legends

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Unless it's been recently fixed, Pathfinder's torso collision mesh is very obviously borked; at certain angles his torso is all but unhittable.


I've been maining him for this very reason, and have been getting a great K:D as a result! (Though I still find myself often cursing other Pathfinders for their broken * hit box!)

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Re: Balance your legends

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Have you watched YouTube videos pathfinder is less broken than other legends on hitbox I believe lifeline actually had the worst one but I am not 100 percent on it has been a while since I watched video

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Re: Balance your legends

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Allow me to elaborate on the legends then.


Caustic is garbage because his traps take too long to deploy, have a short trigger radius, dont have a big enough damage radius. Still a massive target so 10% damage reduction is meaningless if everyone can still land all their shots on you.


Mirage is useless because nobody falls for the 'downed' decoy, his ultimare cause momentary confusion, give a short cloak duration that is also easy to see. The decoys only give the shooters postion away, whoopie, that could be used as a trap by the enemy too.


Wraith and lifeline both have the smallest hit boxes, wraith has escaping tools and a speed boost when using her ultimate. Lifeline has 4 passives (faster revive, protective shield when reviving, faster healing and of course the drone healing as well) she should only get one of these not all four. Plus she can supply purple shields the entire match.


Pathfinder has the best mobility on top of having a slender hitbox, making shotguns less effective, the flatline a terrible choice and harder to hit at range.


I think Gibbs would have been fine with just the damage reduction but the extra 25 health to his gun shield was a bit too much, he has nearly 300 health in the game when coupled with the gun sheild.


Bloodhound would be balanced but at least on console when using his ultimate the framerate drops pretty harsh at times where it feels like your in a slideshow, other than that he would be balanced with octane and bangalore. 

Well i think octanes passive could use a bit of a nerf to where he only regens what he stimmed away or half the health regen (octane is my favorite btw)


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Re: Balance your legends


@MyCanklesHurtI don't agree that the Legends are "rubbish". Caustic is certainly not rubbish. You just have to play him right and make the best use of his traps. Most of the Legends play better in squads with friends where you get used to how each other play and you have more opportunities to develop strategies. The rest of the time I would say that some Legends are harder to play than others. But I still wouldn't say they are rubbish. Standard smile

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Re: Balance your legends

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Caustic is goo at controlling a battlefield and add choke point at t it and will hard for players to try to push that. with players afraid to run into Gas. Standard smile




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Re: Balance your legends

★★★ Guide

Caustic if used properly can keep you from getting 3rd partied without warning in most cases which is very helpful 


he can also also keep you from getting shot in the back without warning 


he is also super useful if you camp in houses with him


he has his place people just will not accept his play style 

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