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Badge of Devestation buffed

by ragnarokfps

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Badge of Devestation buffed

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Prior to patch, this Ranger Component added 3 Ultimate charges every 10 bullets hit from a gun. Now it adds 10 Ultimate charges instead. 


I understand our complaints fall on deaf ears, but it's good to get your feelings out. 


Why wasn't this in the patch notes? There's a slew of changes made we don't even know about. 


BioWare please get your act together. We understand big changes like loot and progression take time, but the least you can do is make sure the patch notes are accurate. Every single patch that comes out makes changes that aren't included in the patch notes, not all of them are welcome either. Just tell us what your problems are, we aren't stupid. The longer you ignore us the more frustrated we become. That's why your latest live stream was full of angry players.

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Re: Badge of Devestation buffed

★★★ Guide

I still cant understand this component, whether it means addittional missiles or faster recharge rate. Used to shoot full 40 magazines in a row to check the difference, but during the ultimate I couldnt notice additional charges.

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