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BUG: Javelin appearance

by DieselViking

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BUG: Javelin appearance

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Aside from the plethora of issues I continually encounter on a daily basis with this game (i.e. pilot data not loading and being kicked from instance, game freezing and being unable to rejoin instance, game simply crashing with server error messages, etc), a new one has really annoyed me today.  ALL of my javelin builds have lost their appearance settings.  So the hours (yes, hours I am ashamed to admit) that I have spent choosing paints and colors and customizing the living crap out of everything is just right back to default.  I change everything and get just one of the javelins back to the previous custom look, load into a freeplay, and BOOM - enter normal *, default lookin' javelin suit.  I leave, go to the forge and it's just gone....again....back to the default paint scheme.  What in the name of Odin is this all about?  I'm THIS close, guys....this close.  Seriously.  Help.

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Re: BUG: Javelin appearance


It's been a while since I've seen anyone complain about this. There have been fixes regarding similar problems.

I personally encounter wrong displays of my Jav's appearance when my connection's got hiccups, but it never affected the customization in the Forge.


I think it would be good if you wrote a bug report in the bug report section to help pin the problem down and get it fixed soon.

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Re: BUG: Javelin appearance

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Will do.  Thanks for the suggestion and for the reply/info.

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Re: BUG: Javelin appearance

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Try copying your load out a few times and see what happens after that.  If it resets the looks of one of those identical load outs, load the other and see if it does that one too.  Or if it just resets them all.

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Re: BUG: Javelin appearance

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I tried it.  I think the issue happens when I hover over the "default" selection.  I changed the color of one and then went to "javelins."  After doing so, my old color schemes were there, but when i hover over "default" the javelin then goes a weird blue (the default for colossus is a rusty red), and then if I hover over any of the other preset javelins, they are all the rusty red.  I recorded the process.  Very odd indeed.  But it definitely seems to be connected to the default javelin selection and simply hovering over it makes things go all out of whack.

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Re: BUG: Javelin appearance

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I've had cosmetic change actually divert, like the arms I bought going back to default, default chest going to LoD, and had to reset them in the forge several times to multiple javelins, but it's been a while since this happened to me.


More recently, I've seen the bugs where you spawn in, or reward out with default appearance, or headless, but that seems to simply be connection/lag/latency issues, and I've never seen those changes stay - they always fix themselves by reloading the game, next mission, or whatever.

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