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BIG issue for Anthem. PLUSEs vs MINUSEs


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Dot.: BIG issue for Anthem. PLUSEs vs MINUSEs

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I agree with almost all of what you said above, however i think maby its not technically possible to change all those things.


All i can go against is frostbite engine is in battlefield 5 and you can have up till 64 players at same time but at that point its only pvp, so there are no NPC or calculations for the pc to take care of, or even the RPG moment of all items that need to be saved on the server like each item with its own rolls and statistics needs to be entry somewhere on the biowares servers i bet this is why you have limit of 250 items couse it simply takes alot of bandwith and space to get this stored and sent to each player.


However what is killing the game for me the most is Loading Screens and very few missions all becomes so boring quickly and the feeling

that stats on weapons are not correct so you thinking what is the point of grinding for better gear when stats do not work.


Meny times under the day i wont even launch anthem couse i know im gonna spend 5-10 min in loading screen to do mission that takes 15min, in hope to get items that are not even calculated correctly so yeah its a big problem that needs to be adressed fast. 


Still i'm amazed what bioware has done here considering its a new engine for them to work with and graphics are amazing even tho not optimized usely i wont tuch a game that runs below 90 FPS but i still play anthem from time to time with all its problems. 




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