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Awful lag Xbox one

by El_Cucuy_Uno

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Awful lag Xbox one

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Since the update I’ve had terrible lag in every game. I’m getting downed before even hearing shots go off or seeing the enemy. I don’t have bad internet and I haven’t had this problem before. Anyone else experiencing this? Any fixes? Or just gotta wait for a patch?

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Re: Awful lag Xbox one

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Before you start playing, do you select the data centre closest to your location? To do this just go to homescreen. Wait 2 mins before pressing ‘A’ to continue to where you see your character. Press start and then press B. Click right analog stick and select the data centre with lowest ping.

Maybe that’ll help!
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Re: Awful lag Xbox one

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@Koochi-QYou are a Legend! 😁 My games are pretty stable but thanks for the information.

I found that I'm in Salt Lake City with 237 ping and 2 packet loss.
I live in Greece. I can see with 0 Packet loss the best ones are Belgium Gc2 Gc3 97 ping, Amsterdam 98 ping, Belgium Gc1 100 ping and London 104 ping. Numbers are changing and new locations with even lower ping might appear. Also if i restart the game it keeps selecting Salt lake City with high ping.

Anyway i'll try London! xD

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Re: Awful lag Xbox one

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Glad I could help. Yea I also sometimes get put in Salt Lake servers with over 200 ping and I’m like ‘why?!’ But I always do this to have the most stable connection.

Weird connections!
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Re: Awful lag Xbox one

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Respawn should put this in game options and able to keep the selected data center. Come on!!
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Re: Awful lag Xbox one

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@Koochi-Q That doesn’t do anything if someone from asian plays in the EU servers EU players suffer because they lag all over the place and it benefits them
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