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Re: Awesome job DICE

by Kinda_like_that

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Awesome job DICE

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Product: Battlefield V
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Please specify your platform model. Sony PlayStation 4
Which part of the game is the issue happening in? Multiplayer
Which part of the mode? Conquest
Please select your region North America
On which server did this happen? All
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) Everyday
Summarize your bug BFV IS TERRIBLE
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Do your jobs
What happens when the bug occurs? More issues than one
What should be happening instead? The game should work

Why is it that when DICE makes an issue could potentially lose them money they can correct it in an hour? They screw up and make things purchasable by CC instead of BF coins and BAM!!! quick fix. It has been a couple weeks now and my game crashes every time I complete a challenge, invisible players, and while all of this is going on they raised the price back to full price for new players. Why now would you try to raise the price? You have a partially working game and are asking people to pay the price of a fully functioning game. I think DICE needs to get their priorities in line. I understand that they make games to make money but if you don't have a working product and kill your customer base then what money is there to make. I game up on call of duty and started playing battlefield years ago and now this is the crap that they release. Way to go DICE. Setting the bar high.

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Re: Awesome job DICE

@Countryboyb369 The explanation is that it's a quick fix to correct a currency purchase option that was enabled by mistake whereas other problems must be replicated. troubleshot, and a solution prepared which takes a lot more time. That is why DICE was able to correct the Armory purchase issue very quickly and other issues are taking a while to correct.
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Re: Awesome job DICE

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@ragnarok013 I´m sorry, but I have to disagree with you. There are bugs in the game that should take minutes to be fixed, like the incorrect description for some of the assignments. Yet none of those have been fixed even after weeks. So in my opinion @Countryboyb369 does have a point here, when they are able to fix problems considering the ingame shop, but not the problems, that worsen the gameplay experience...
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