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by Sp4ceB4lls

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Re: Autoexec

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So origin launch options are bannable?
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Re: Autoexec

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is not only about shadows! people are removing all kinds of stuff !

@TheUnknownMsx wrote:

@Sp4ceB4lls whats the point of shadows? since u did say monkey see monkey do... are u in a disadvantage if i don't do, actually not.. i can't see ur shadow if u are on the top of the building or u are landing behinde me or stuff like like that... i am in a disadvantage actually at that point, still i don't want them in the game they do take the most of the fps...


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Re: Autoexec

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@-KG-Kajautus  does shroud still play, he does so i don't think so... there is even a dont change ur cfg movement, people who abuse people who do, the community is getting more and more weird.. guess that are all of does fortnight - pubg players who ain't use to have a own cfg, can't help does guys. i do like the option to do and ty to EA for giving me that freedom..ofc there is some stuff u should not do like don't remove the smoke, i know some people who do use the command at their cfg 😉

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Re: Autoexec

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@Sp4ceB4lls there is just one thing u should not do, if smoeone does ask me.. dont remove the smoke, i know there is a command for it..

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Re: Autoexec

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@TheUnknownMsx I allso do like the option to remove blur when in inventory, and make the minimap rotate. (I really dislike blur in any game)
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Re: Autoexec

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Modifying a configuration file is not bannable 


You might have a strange resolution that needs change 

You might want to disable voice chat as you're sick of the ranty kids

Certain graphical options are glitching due to incompatiblity so you turn them off.




Editing files relating to game data are the difference since many can't comprehend the difference


Editting a config file is like adjusting the seat in your car and positioning mirrors etc 


Editting a texture file or changing how the game reacts usually is picked up through CRC checks and will deny the user connecting to server and even at times prevent launch on some titles THIS IS CHEATING.


For those not knowing or comprehending swapping out a gearbox for a custom gearbox for a better ratio in a race that requires all STOCK parts that is cheating However Adjusting the seat and Mirrors is not.

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