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Auction house breakdown

by EA_Roger

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Auction house breakdown

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Brian Waggoner our NBALM Game Designer aka Asros answered some questions on Reddit due to the growing concerns around the Auction house

Did some investigation yesterday and sorted through a lot of different data points on Auction House health since i've seen an uptick in player feedback about issues selling cards. Hard to explain a super complex system and economy in short twitter bytes, but I'll do my best.


First thing i did was look at historical coin balances for players over the past month, 2 months, etc. Coin balances will be the best indicator on likelihood of players spending. No money spent coin balance median is around 14k coins. Those players are most likely to use the AH.


No money spent coin balance averages at the 90th percentile was only around 120k. that makes the majority of 101+ players on the AH out of reach for players to buy.

This is causing an increase in supply and while there technically is still demand for those cards. They are priced out of reach for the main market.


The other big difference is that we're adding more things for players to spend coins on, coin packs, events with coin entry, coins for event currency progress, etc. This is causing coin balances as a whole to decrease across all players. However, we're still seeing that with those additions, we're still seeing the volume of coins being spent on the AH stay relatively the same (down less than 10%). So while the number of cards being sold is down, those being sold are selling for higher amt.


Economic behavior is very difficult to predict, where it is easier to tell if the AH is functioning as intended. I reviewed AH sale data and can verify that cards do continue to be posted, sold and claimed. There is a clear flow of interaction with the AH.


So while the system isn't technically "broken", the user experience very much can feel that way.


We have some ideas on changes we can make to help improve the experience, hope to have some news in the near future.

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