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At this point I just want better net performance


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At this point I just want better net performance

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With my 15 ping to my local DCs I will take smooth solid network performance (Netcode) over hackers being dealt with.  No, I don't have the same lag and stuttering issues playing other games.  No, I am not playing the game on 10 year old hardware.  No, I am not torrent-ling a bunch of movies during gameplay.  

Since launch this game has had in depth analysis about every 3 months on it's netcode and there has been literally no changes for the better In 3 such analysis concerning what I consider the most game breaking issue.  I refuse to use a lag switch just to benefit from the garbage netcode this game has but other than that it is gonna take Respawn to crack the whip on this "Senior" Network Engineer they supposedly hired to get this game in a place it should be.  I mean I have 15 ping!  15!  I shouldn't see hit markers and have half the damage those marks should generate just be blanks or die several sprinting steps around a corner. 

The hackers are just annoying but the net performance of your game is a deal breaker.  Here is a carrot...if it ever gets fixed properly I will buy $100 worth of coins to support and who knows maybe much more.  I am usually known as a whale among the player base of any given game I like to play and it is not out of the question for me to spend thousands on games I enjoy, so I leave you at that.

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