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Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

by iBlockHead

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★★ Novice

Played this a few times got a couple wins and couple of games running about empty buildings.


The loot is dumb, everyone should have a fair chance of finding loot in a BR, no idea why they don't want us to....


Thumbs down I suppose.

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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This mode is the worst example of RNG, has nothing to do with anything but luck when you drop to even find a gun. After the 3rd game of dropping[twice hot, one alone] and not even finding a weapon i moved on...

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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@MandatoryIDtagof course, giving an advantage to some players for no reason is stupid, the worst part is when you open a chest and get 3 helmets while the ennemy next to you opens his chest and gets a body armor and a r99

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★ Guide

Back at it again! Still an amazing mode, it does lack some loot distribution in order to fill up the many empty spots on the ground. I walked into bunker on the top floor and one room did not have any sort of loot. I felt empty and sad.. 


Otherwise if you can find guns and some ammo, you're pretty much set. Given you're decently good at aiming and dodging gun fire. 


I do find this mode only fun with 3 players as randoms tend to die faster thus leaving you in a 2-1 team squad. With a team, you can communicate your plans and thus last longer all together as no one will run off and die without telling the team ahead of time. 


I have not won a game yet but that's  because I am teaching my teammate how to play. We make it up high but I can't always carry. I love the moz in this mode as it is really a good gun being able to shoot off armor and than 2 shot a player instantly with a purple bolt. 


Lifeline has made its way in as she provides free heals and a shield for downed players which is a major need in this mode. Giving the whole team a chance to just snipe from afar and not worry about being shot or downed as a rez can always be pulled off. Her ult does face a challenge as enemy teams will always have snipers and when they see that box of supplies come down from the sky, its pretty much free real-estate for the first team to get eyes on you. Dangerous but fun. 

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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★★ Guide

Lol I want to laugh everytime I hear people demand a "fair chance" in BR lolz


BR is not about having a fair fight. It never be. It's not how BR was made in the first place.


Back to the new event mode, I absolutely love this mode. It gives different pace and approach. Sniping is always my thing so I feel right at home with this mode.


Also, seldom use peacekeeper so this is a good chance to pick it up as well.



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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★ Guide

I actually like this mode, mostly because there are only Level 1 Armors and I just love to play with Scout + Peacekeeper.

For me it is understandable, how they had to change the loot. I can only laugh about people, who complain, they never get weapons.


Got 3 wins with 3 different legends yesterday.


Can someone tell me, what the next challenge after 5 wins ist?

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★ Guide

Yeah I think there are actually more weapons than in normal modes, so I don't get the ppl who complain about weapons either. I think most of them didn't read the "loot increased in bins and decreased on ground part". I do think it's a weird choice, because it makes some areas completely utterly bad and some unmarked areas (like south of artillery) much better than they should be, but it doesn't make the finding a weapon part random if you know where the bins are and adjust to it. I still hope they increase the drop rate on shield cells/batteries for the second half of the event, because the mode IS quite random at the moment because of this, especially the late game (which should be the consistent part, not the random part), and it's just not fun to fight no armor vs armor in lategame, even in a mode that's made just for lulz.

I'm a fan of scarce loot, but lack of healing shields makes it somewhat unfun. I still need to try playing it with a wattson that just stacks accelerants - that could be the answer to this mode.

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.


I love seeing new game modes like this and I hope they keep introducing them in new events throughout season 3 as well!



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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★★★ Guide

I played over the weekend for a few hours and enjoyed the mode (when the servers weren't being a complete lagfest).


I prefer the minimal armour and the limited weapons, makes the game play very different.


Just wish the connection issues were resolved so I could enjoy this mode to the max.

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★★★ Apprentice

@PhantmCommandR wrote:


Can someone tell me, what the next challenge after 5 wins ist?


There's nothing beyond that. That challenge has 2 parts: win 1 game and win 5 games, nothing else.

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