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Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

by iBlockHead

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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★★ Guide

Dog * mode, sniping is * and shotgun damage is inconsistent for me, played several games, using caustic got some kills but not from guns, got kills from my gas. For hot dropping, caustic is good because loot drop is shi1t and I can kill easy with gas in enclosed area, but for end game pathfinder is better because can go higher ground and pew pew. No more.


But at least, the pro sniper won't play normal queue as much which is good. Also the skill of random who play on this mode is better than normal queue.

And these few day I notice a surge in hacking, aimbot, and wall hacking still tired of this garbage come on give us real event please, pve co-op mode!

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★ Guide

I'm not even good at sniping and this is a really fun mode for me! There are plenty of times I've raged already lol... but this mode makes you play differently. You can't run around as much because there could be five teams scoping you out and you'd never know. The white armor is a great touch. The only thing I don't really like is the lack of loot... This is a shotgun and sniper only mode, so who cares if there are guns everywhere?? That's what it's supposed to be lol. Overall, I think it's a great practice mode and should come back. I love it.


**Random thought, but if the shotgun ammo stacks can be adjusted that easily, can we see stacks of 24 in regular mode??**

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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I played a few games yesterday with my regular squad. Find it to be a good thing since i seldom use snipers and peacekeeper. So it is good training for sure.

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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@DoYaSeeMe I really can’t imagine that with my luck xD

@Fr3dY2, I’d like that mode. 5 finger death punch!

@MandatoryIDtag, I do like the mode, even tho I only played like 3 hours worth of apex this week, but the no armor doesn’t like me and running up to someone while someone’s already got me in their crosshairs kinda sucks xD
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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★★★ Apprentice

@Koochi-Q wrote:

@Fr3dY2, I’d like that mode. 5 finger death punch!

Nah, just joking... at least, not just like that Large smile

However, a pistols&nades-only mode would be nice!!

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★ Apprentice

I absolutely detest this game mode. I like playing alone and it just intensives the pain of random teammates. It’s boring and the ttk is way too high. Couple that with limited loot it feels like it’s lacking severely. There will be people that love just snipers and shotguns and while their nice I don’t want them EVERY time. I will happily be ready to wave this lackluster play away from a good game. 

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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The only problem for me personally is i work in construction and i'm normally exhausted by the time i get my concentration levels go right down the crapper. This game mode requires more concentration than usual so i've struggle during the week.


However it's the weekend so time to pop some folks heads like watermelons!

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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★★★★★ Guide

@Fr3dY2Well I’m average with those... well my nade growing skillz are basically randomized. Sometimes I do well, other times I throw a barrage only to see no one affected.

The RE-45 skillz on the other hand are decent to above average as I can hit ppl from well over 30m with that thing if needed. 


But I’d prefer punching mode. Respawn should call it five finger death punch -> get sued by the band -> lose the case -> they need money again so another event pops up outta nowhere -> fixes to some issues. Cause it seems only at launch of new events and new seasons that fixes for problems occur

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★★ Novice

good mode which rewards good aiming but terribly balanced, some people are allowed to have a body armor, some aren't, how is it fair?

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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@NaRnIaaa  is it unfair that some people have white armour whilst other have gold in standard modes?


The loots predetermined in each location before you drop...its not a matter of fairness it's matter of whether your drop point has the loot you want. Tongue out


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