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Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

by iBlockHead

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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@Koochi-Q Well, that may be because of people like me that grab them, together with golden weapons, only to die stupidly outside the ring :P.
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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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Sorry, but as a completely counter opinion - who exactly thought that this LTM would be fun as it is? At all? Like even a tiny bit?  


Incoming rant, so - short/polite version: please increase gun spawn rates, because this mode is really. REALLY not fun with gun drop rates at current levels.


Ranting version, because holyshit:


The whole premise is "shotguns versus snipers".....and then you nerf gun spawns to what seems to be about 10% of normal drop rates?  


WHY? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY??? Just keep the spawn rates the same, and make all the guns shotguns and snipers! Boom! Done!  You had a hit on your hands, and then you did..this.


You even thought of other GOOD ways to balance things. Only 2 types of guns? Cool. Limited armour, to make it more intense - love it. But running around an entire goddamn zone without getting a single gun is complete *. Please, can someone tell me a SINGLE downside to being able to pick up a gun when you drop, in a game whose entire purpose is to SHOOT PEOPLE WITH GUNS? What exactly was the purpose of this change?


I'd say whoever thought up that particular gem/detail should be dragged out back and shot....but I know I wouldn't be able to find a gun to do it with.  


I didn't make a single peep during the whole cash shop debacle.....I know there are lots of complicated things to balance in a game this big, especially when money is involved....but holy * guys. You actively had to go out of your way to find a way to make your new LTM not fun. This game IS supposed ot be fun to play, right?

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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Jumped back in last night and this morning and boy is it still hectic. I love using the G-7 and knocking players down left and right with the fast fire rate and easy recoil.


Always a good feeling hearing that crack from those head shots. I did try using a shotty but found it more fun for myself to let my teammates run it and knock any enemy who refuses to show themselves to me. I am back to caustic in this mode simply because using his gas is more useful in this mode even if its deactivated. The sound of a sniper or shotgun can be heard pretty well and since the high risk fights are close and personal, blurring vision and slowing movement becomes critical. 


It is easier to find gold items in this mode and I do enjoy carrying around a nice helmet to speed up my tacts along with a back pack to pop those meds faster and get back into the fight. 


Will continue to play this all week long. Time to bring up my K/d again!

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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@DoYaSeeMe Lolz if you’re on enemy team then yes. Cause in those 6 long matches, only 1 teammate out of the 12 had a shield XD 1+ hour and 1 person out of 18 has 1 shield. Like wow, thats some good dying right there xD

Did find a golden mozambique and was happy... till I full on shotted a guy and only did 36 dmg... guess which character that person had
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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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I think the rarity of armor is pretty fun. Kill a lot and you eventually get it - kind of works for an event. What is not fun and what makes this mode utterly terrible is the complete lack of shield cells. This kind of makes it so you can't fight at all if you managed to find an armor - otherwise you'll have no armor for final fight and you most definitely will lose. Killed enemies almost never have shield cells either since even if they managed to find some they will use em up in the same fight.

Either armor itself (so that at least all killed enemies have em for a swap) or shield cells had to be at least somewhat consistently findable to make it fun. Or remove armor completely.

Anyway, while solo was a mode that had to be made permanent, armed and dangerous is on the other end of the spectrum - it's fun for max 1-2 days, 2 weeks is way too much for it.

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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I like this game mode, but after a few games I'm starting to think that purple/gold armors should be reduced to a minimum in normal mode - no more 'die hards'! Large smile

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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@Koochi-Q Had 2 consecutive matches yesterday where each member of our team got armor an helmet. At some point, someone pinged a helmet, but there was no dibs, can you imagine that? Standard smile
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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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Next limited gamemode will be 'Total Brawl'.... no weapons, just punches LOL

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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@Koochi-Q  i thought you'd be loving this haha, time to show off them bique skills. Wink

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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@Fr3dY2 Actually some knuckledusters that would crack armor in one hit would be something, also to have different combos and damage values depending on running / jumping / crouching / sliding when you melee. This could be a new mode (melee royale) or it could happen starting round 4, with survivors having their weapons and ordnance teleported off their hands, with everyone's location becoming visible on the map (as an anti camping/hiding feature).
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