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Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

by iBlockHead

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Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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★★★ Guide

All i have to say is amazing job at creating a new mode and also adjusting certain items in the game to better suit the mode. 


As a Apex Legend fan, I jumped straight into the new game mode without reading the patchnotes and was met with great fear when we made it to top 5 and realized we did not have armor. I later found out that the mode only has lvl1 armor but it is rare to find. 


Knowing this, I jumped straight into the rest of my fights knowing they had the same lvl1 armor or none. This mode is extremely fun and just out there that suits both campers and rushers. 


One minor issue I have is seeing a lot of open spaces on the ground where loot use to be. Everything in this mode is hard to find but maybe filling those spaces with basic nades or just attachments would be nice. 

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Re: New Mode thoughts.

★★★★ Guide

This event is certainly going to change the game i think.


Gonna be helluva lot of good snipers by the end of it. XD

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Re: New Mode thoughts.

★★★★★ Apprentice

With this new mode going, now it's even harder to detect whether it's cheaters or not. lol.
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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.


Agreed this mode is amazing and i always try to rock the Longbow & EVA-8.

It's pretty balanced with the loot adjustments.


There are no bad landing locations but only the empty spots are a bit anoying, if you get unlucky you can run around 1-2 minutes without a weapon.

Making mistakes is not forgiving and you will be downed if you do a misplay and i love it!High five

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

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★★ Guide

I enjoy this mode a lot, far more than solos, probably because the Longbow and the Peacekeeper are my favorite weapons.. But, although I got a win after getting respawned in round 3 by some great random teammates, I feel this mode suffers greatly from bad teamplay and early quitters. I can understand the fear of jumping from the ship or running for a revive or banner recovery out in the open, in a match full of snipers, but not all players are "aimbots", there are good chances of escaping with some good moves, especially since the bullet spraying weapons are not available. Also, I think Wraith is seriously advantaged by her inner voice warnings, luckily they sometimes come after the headshots Standard smile

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★ Guide
@EA_DavidiBlockHead I just wish people wouldn't be so damn thirsty, I'm trying to land in the new spot to explore and keep getting killed by players chasing me around with bloody Mozambiques, JUST LET ME LOOK AROUND PEOPLE!!
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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★★ Guide

@Pretzelnutcake  lmfao so true i landed there first game and got instagibed by a triple PK bonanza.


Fun times.

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★★★ Novice

I have been wanting to learn how to snipe better and this mode seems like it might help with that. I didn't think I was going to like it, but after a few rounds I became addicted. It is so much fun!

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★★ Guide

@BovinePiracy  Yup lol, the ranging is easy, its the bullet travel i struggle with so lots of time to practice!

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Re: Armed & Dangerous thoughts.

★★★★★ Guide
Played 6 ‘long’ games or so... well never found a damn armor in those games... and when I finally landed a 110 headshot... guess what, enemy has shield.

It was supposed to be that norm shields would be as rare as lvl 2/3/4 shields... averagely per game on the ground I find 3 blue shields on the ground... sometimes way more and every other game a lvl 3 shield... 6 games no shield is laughable
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