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Re: Are Feats not working?

by R0NINnoodles

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Re: Are Feats not working?

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Yup. I've looked into my journal and all the simple feats that I know I did are at 0 too.... So yah, what's up with that
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Re: Are Feats not working?

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It took some exploring of my own to figure out the issue of the "journal" feats...but here's what I discovered to my relief.


The General (and other feats) found in the Journal Tab are only recorded and kept while in a mission (or during freeplay).  The moment you enter the reward screen to tally your feats, xp, and alliance bonus....the journal menu resets to zero. Its just a tracking system for the live gameplay....anything you complete will be rewarded per expedition.  Take a look at the journal mid mission and it should update based on your performance.  Hope this clears it up for people.

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Re: Are Feats not working?

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LOL, I said that in comment #3.


There's an additional problem, though.  I wondered why sometimes I get more badges at mission end than I see in the inventory screen.  It turns out that sometimes the counter in the inventory gets stuck--even though I've completed the feat (and seen the popup saying it was completed), it still shows as incomplete in the inventory, and doesn't increment any more.  I still get the badge and XP at mission end, and it still applies to relevant challenges, though.


This is another one where I wonder "how is that even possible", but alas.

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Re: Are Feats not working?

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I also have many feats in my journal I know I have done that are not tracking properly. LoD edition on PS4 Pro.

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