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Re: Appreciation post.

by DoYaSeeMe

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Appreciation post.

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Now as of late there has been a lot of bad press for Respawn over loot/skin controversy. But I wanted to take a moment away from that and praise the new skins that have dropped. Now as it stands I had bought my fair share of skins in the game. Battle passes not included probably near the 100-150 mark if not more. I lost track. What can I say. Im a sucker for looking good! Sometimes after purchases suffering through the buyers regret stages. Especially how the coding has been treating me or should I say all of us as of late. Wondering why I put such an investment in something I technically do not or will never permanently own. But despite my rage moments and frustration I do want this game to succeed. With that said last week I lost my job so I do not have very much to go off of as I am looking for a new one. And in my new found down time have been playing a lot of Apex. While I don't particularly care for the sniper and shotgun meta at the moment it is fun in small doses I have to say the skins particularly the G7, Lifeline and Bangalore skins are fantastic. I would have bought the Gibraltar and Prowler skin as well if I had more money to play with. But I love the loud colors and punk aesthetic because it is right up my alley. The fact that they were reasonably priced besides the free G7 skin made me really happy. Seeing as though of the situation I'm in I could still afford something. So I just wanted the people at Respawn to know of my appreciation and hope that with all that has been going on that things get better and will continue to be successful.

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Re: Appreciation post.

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Will all that money buy us solo's game mode?


Questions questions...

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Re: Appreciation post.

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@Wingmannedbro Maybe. I heard it was thrown into the loot pool with the heirlooms.

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Re: Appreciation post.

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I was planning on buying $100 maybe $200 to support the game if they ever get netcode more stable otherwise the $10 they did get is all they ever will.


The skins are mostly silly, especially the some or most of the legendary guns.  There are some I like but I do not support games purchasing fluff.  Give me great stable gameplay and I will support.  They got the BR formula I prefer (for now) they just need to get the performance right and my wallet will open.

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Re: Appreciation post.

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I'll appreciate if they give us a report of their progress in making this game hacker free, or anything that's being worked on or done. Coz I hate to tell you guys, that hackers are back

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Re: Appreciation post.

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@GRiPSViGiL Totally understandable 

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Re: Appreciation post.

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@GRiPSViGiL I'd say stability has improved, haven't seen code net and leaf errors in the last 5 days and haven't noticed hackers in weeks. Netcode can't do much about the connection issues happening between the client and the server.
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