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Re: Apex on win 10 xbox app?

by qx--Shim--xp

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Apex on win 10 xbox app?

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Hey all, does anyone know if you can play apex on the windows 10 xbox app? On pc ive played a few games through the xbox app in win 10 and its been fine. My brothers and friends all play xbone and im not interested in spending a few hundred dollars to play one game with them. Just curious if there's a way to cross console through the xbone app.

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Re: Apex on win 10 xbox app?

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AKA: How can I get an advantage over Xbox players by using keyboard & mouse

No there’s no way to do that
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Re: Apex on win 10 xbox app?

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Since i had a legit question the polite way to answer would be... "unfortuantely no, people would abuse that against xbox players on pc."
Although i hear you can keyboard and mouse your xbox sooo.
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