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Apex legends abandon penalty

by Gfjdkdjxjdkfi

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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The leaver penalty is the best feature of Season 3. Leave it. The only change they should make is if a teammate grabs your banner and doesn't respawn you within a minute or two, then you can leave without penalty. Two minutes out of your day isn't much. Stick with your team and you'll either win or lose. Simple. 

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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It goes both ways. I was in a game yesterday where the third teammate in our squad would not fight anyone. After the 2 of us were down, he got our banners, then went into a building a hid. He would not even attempt to respawn or engage the enemy. Then when the circle closed, he would find another house on the edge, and get in and hide. Not moving until the circle closed. Repeat for whole match until the circle was small enough that someone saw him and a squad killed him. You should not be penalized for leaving a match like that early. He was clearly just trolling us.


I agree with a previous poster that once you die, not are downed but actually die, you should be able to leave after say 2 minutes with no penalty. Regardless of if your teammate has your banner or not.

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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Yeah I think that's the only fair way to do it. I've noticed less people leaving which is awesome. But I also don't want a hostile community by making them watch a camping teammate. Put a limit on it even if your teammate has your banner. Problem solved.

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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I quick quit instinctually. Once i caught on i just started alt tabing once im downed. Im sure ive been rezzed a few times while afk aswell.


Much like every new thing that gets implemented in this game its done poorly....


We play ranked for rank points right? Soooo.....Why not just take those? I mean take a rediculous amount if you need to...Who cares?

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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@NyGmen4Lif3 wrote:



It doesn't happen all the time though, maybe 1 in  50 - 60 games [ if not 100 -200 games played] will you catch a troll. 


It's not as often as your makinng it out to be.. 


There is more people leaving teammates stranded by them selves by leaving as soon as your knocked or boxed then people trolling / not picking up your banner.

Oke true, but what about all the people half as smart as a roomba?

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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Respawn can always put in a Respawn beacon timer [1min 30sec or so]. So if some one is Trolling and the Respawn beacon timer runs out before being respawned in then we can leave and not get penalized.


That's what people have already started to mention in other threads, I agree with them on that. It will Squash the toxic player's from trying to ruin peoples enjoyment while giving the people that do enjoy the game to go about their day.


Then this will most likely be a case closed issue. Then we as a community can move away from this issue, and help the Developers resolve other issue's with the game that the community would want fixed.

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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Oke so I just got out of this game where lifeline suggested to go capitol city, at this time, unknown to me he had already selected to drop solo and go elsewhere all together.


Me and crypto drop capitol, we get into a firefight, we down and thirst 2 players. Then we got third partied, and I get boxed, crypto is inside a building, and jumps off the roof and grabbed my banner, in his attempt to flee, he got knocked and leaves the game.


Lifeline is far away, so crypto's banner times out and he's gone, me however, am forced to watch the clown who F'd us to begin with since i'm "still in the game".


He passed a respawn station and didn't bother at all. And waiting possibly up to 3 to 4 minutes before you're allowed to leave, is frankly way way way too long.


That's essentially asking you to just wait several minutes to be able to que for another game. This penalty is terrible.

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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I just got a ban for leaving after our 3rd team mate dropped in the character selection we left sonwe could re group and found we had a 5 min abandon game. This sucked an thought that was not a thing. 

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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@jonesy0218 Mhhhh, I don't think that's the best way. The first day of Season 3 I had one of my teammates lasered and the other with no bullets, so we had to sneak up past a very fierce fight (I think there were like 4-5 teams chasing each other in one of the tall building areas) to the only valid respawn beacon that was pretty far away. It took like 4 minutes, but in the end it took us one shot short of winning the match. The killed teammate thought at first that I'm chickening out when not running immediately to the respawn beacon, but seconds later he spectated me going unnoticed literally 5 feet behind a full squad. He was the first to gg at the end and my almost 1k damage was enough proof to him that I'm not afraid to pull the trigger, but I'm sure he would've left after the first 2 minutes, as things really looked hopeless.


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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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@WingmannedbroI may be wrong, but I think you can leave with no penalty when you already have loss forgiveness (which you should have if Crypto left prematurely).

Anyway leaver penalty only applies to ranked games, which you shouldn't want to leave early anyway (any chance to get points by just being afk, is good enough in my book). Watch some streamer get owned in the meantine and be ready for the next game. And you never know, you may still get respawned sometimes, even if the teammate seems to be half a map away.

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