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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty


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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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@DoYaSeeMe But it's the only fair way to do it, especially if there's no mic. You can't expect someone to assume you're going to travel four minutes to a respawn beacon... It's not realistic. I think the timer is a perfect addition.

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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same here i call total BS ! just got a 20 minute ban for leaving a match with no teammates just me solo 


also sucks getting stuck with selfish players who are scared to engage an enemy and just want to loot for 20 minute straight and die in 10 sec . wont respawn or revive you 

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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How is it selfish to loot up to win in a last team standing game?

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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What if they picked your banner but never revive you?

I just got a few games when I died and my banner got picked by teammates.

Then they just kept doing themselves, looting everywhere and wandering around even the spawn beacon is just like 300m away.

I kept pining and waiting for about 5 mins then I gave up. It's the same amount of time as the leaving penalty.

Every time I get my teammates' banners I immediately run to the nearest beacon and revive them but some people mean to troll their teammates.
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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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@Biochemikas wrote:

@WingmannedbroI may be wrong, but I think you can leave with no penalty when you already have loss forgiveness (which you should have if Crypto left prematurely).

Anyway leaver penalty only applies to ranked games, which you shouldn't want to leave early anyway (any chance to get points by just being afk, is good enough in my book). Watch some streamer get owned in the meantine and be ready for the next game. And you never know, you may still get respawned sometimes, even if the teammate seems to be half a map away.

We're talking about a guy here who intentionally suggested us to go in the opposite direction of where he intented to go himself.

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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90 minutes my abandon penalty is at. I'm done with this game I think, absolute trash.

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty


I'm not really one to quit so I've not had this issue and it doesn't bother me as such, out of interest...can you leave if your respawn beacon timer runs out?

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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90min...I think we have a winner!



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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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@LOOT4LYFE  20 minutes for leaving solo? How many times have you ditched before? Maybe 3 others? Since it increases in 5 minute intervals I believe.

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Re: Apex legends abandon penalty

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@NyGmen4Lif3 wrote:



Respawn can always put in a Respawn beacon timer [1min 30sec or so]. So if some one is Trolling and the Respawn beacon timer runs out before being respawned in then we can leave and not get penalized.


That's what people have already started to mention in other threads, I agree with them on that. It will Squash the toxic player's from trying to ruin peoples enjoyment while giving the people that do enjoy the game to go about their day.


Then this will most likely be a case closed issue. Then we as a community can move away from this issue, and help the Developers resolve other issue's with the game that the community would want fixed.

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