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Re: Apex. Still the worst game I've ever played.

by MotherPhoker

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Re: Apex. Still the worst game I've ever played.

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@Foofer37So... you’re that bad that you can’t even kill others in a game meant to kill others I’m assuming if you’re point ‘just run and gun’ and ‘just grab loot and shoot each other’ makes for a ‘what have games come to’.

Run and gun has been a stable in gaming since the 90’s... and grab loot & kill each other, depending on the genre of game, early 2000’s or mid 2000’s.

Funny that everyone has at least 1 character they can play with and you have no interest in any. I’d suggest not playing the game if you’re not interested in any character, you’ll likely die anyway.

Maybe try farm simulator, I hear it’s relaxing and requires a functional brain unlike a shooter game where you need to make split second decisions in the heat of battles or what your next move is gonna be. 

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Re: Apex. Still the worst game I've ever played.


Ah mr foofer doesn't like modern gaming,maybe we should go back to pacman and duck hunter then. *shrugs* 

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Re: Apex. Still the worst game I've ever played.

@Foofer37 I'm an ' older gamer' and I think the game is awesome. It's free, fun, has great characters, great weapons, great gun fight mechanics and keeps me coming back.

Maybe you should try Cod MW, you can put a clay more in each doorway and camp a window for ten minutes, so exciting is that game and it cost £60.
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Re: Apex. Still the worst game I've ever played.

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@xx_Dante2k_xx 42 here. Slaying most nights with my boy.
Can't ask for much more from a free game.
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Re: Apex. Still the worst game I've ever played.

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@Koochi-Q Damn man, ever since i’m following the forums all i see in your replies is toxicity, just bashing anyone who doesn’t like anything about the game, you just don’t share any negative experience even if you have, just like a fanboy, and it’s obvious you have.

From your perspective nobody can ever share its opinion about the game, you immediately tell them to quit the game if they don’t like it. 

I love this game so much, yet there are obvious issues that * my experience and make it unenjoyable to play it.

You don’t have to state obvious facts, like ohh it is free what a blessing. A free game doesn’t mean it has to be necessarily bad just because it is free and if you don’t like it just * off. People will eventually get sick of all the issues and move on, even fanboys like you. No hard feelings mate, but you gotta get more emphatic and understand people, or at least don’t be toxic.

He or me or anyone else may have a different experience aswell with the game, compared to you, based on multiple factors like location, time of play, playerbase, etc. Be more understanding

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Betreff: Apex. Still the worst game I've ever played.

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@Foofer37  schrieb:

Been a while since I played. My kids pushed me to try again. Played a few matches. 

Still utterly pointless garbage.

Let me guess, you did not get too many kills in your few matches?


I'm amazed so many people waste their time with this.

Why do you care at all? I am also more than amazed that I waste my time commenting on this...


I think it's because they just want to shoot stuff and not put in any effort to think. Just run and gun. 

If you think that you can just run and gun in Apex and expect to be succesfull with this playstyle I somehow understand you frustration. Probably it's not the game, that is garbage, but most likely your playstyle/skill or even your understanding of how to play a game.


Even at that, this game is just so poorly done. Just grab loot and shoot each other. What have games come to? This.

Yes, welcome the the World of Battle Royale games. If you do not like this modus at all, let me ask you, why do you even spend time on such games?


And there's not a character in the game I have any interest in. What a PC bunch of lame characters.LOL.

Dude, you don't like the BR mode, you don't like to loot, you don't like any of the characters... what's your point of this thread? Why do you even waste time commenting  in the game forum? Do you expect people to share your opinion? I don't get it.


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