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Re: Apex Physical Edition

by asukojo

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Re: Apex Physical Edition

★★★★★ Guide
@asukojo I like the weapon skins but why aren’t the characters actual figurenes. I was already started going to go to amazon in my mind. Luckily I read further. Good value, but not gonna get it.
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Re: Apex Physical Edition

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@asukojo  Shame there isn't an octane version, my girlfriend is crazy for that guy haha.

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Re: Apex Physical Edition

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@asukojo not bad of a deal.
1000 apex coils is $10
So for extra $10, we got 1 legend skin, 1 weapon skin, a banner, a badge and a ....physical CD lolz

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Re: Apex Physical Edition

★★ Novice

i just hope they’ll be on sale in my country Wink


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Re: Apex Physical Edition

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This is one of the better releases I've seen as of late. I'm probably going to pick up at least one possibly both.

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Re: Apex Physical Edition

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Hoping this is just a download code, at least for PC, with just a physical box. I need that Bloodhound skin. 

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Re: Apex Physical Edition

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@asukojo Boyfriend mains Lifeline so I'll politely ignore your advice.

That said, I doubt I'll be buying this although the skins are neat.
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Re: Apex Physical Edition

[ Edited ]

That Bloodhound skill will be mine High five

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Re: Apex Physical Edition

★ Pro

@Zeelmaekers If give for your girlfriend, give lifeline version, unless  she is alpha female, she might like bloodhound better Standard smile

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Re: Apex Physical Edition

Community Manager

Hey, Legends.

These new physical editions are really cool! A lot of excitement from the forum team over here as well. 

Post-launch editions like this for other games included a code inside the box in which you would redeem for the bonus content, so in this case it would be for the skins, banner, badge, and coins. I don't want to set any false expectations around this bundle though and we'll try to track down more specific info on this, such as whether it's a physical disc version or physical box edition that includes codes only.

These editions will be available October 18th so we'll do our best to track down that info as quickly as possible for you.


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