Apex Legends Tier List (Season 7)

by CompleatBeet

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Apex Legends Tier List (Season 7)

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S Tier - The best Legends in Season 7 and are dominant in this Ranked season

A Tier - Solid Legends that you can definitely do well with in this season's Ranked and are pretty meta in Trios and Duos

B Tier - Fun characters to use in ranks gold and below and really fun in Trios and Duos, but not recommended for Platinum and above

C Tier - Starting to emerge from the bottom of the ranks but are not recommended for ranks Gold and above

D Tier - As much as I hate to say it, the worst of the bunch and are barely useful in this Ranked season


I think Rampart is the worst Legend in this Ranked season for five main reasons: she is outclassed by Caustic and Wattson, her amped walls are pretty terrible as cover, her modded loader passive is barely useful and the mini gun, while better on Olympus, is still really situational and easy to avoid and lastly defensive Legends have lost value. I'd suggest buffing her amped walls' health for both the base and shield and maybe increasing the rotation limit to 180 degrees or allowing her passive to work on more classes of guns.


Mirage was pretty good for a while after his rework, but overtime players adapted to his tricks and now its harder to bamboozle enemies with. On top of that, his only team utility is his invisible reviving which is strong but it's not as useful to your team as a dome shield, drone revive, teleporter or death totem. I'd suggest that his team utility is increased by allowing him to cloak his team more, and also when shot, the decoys should display damage numbers to further trick the enemy.


It's quite refreshing to see Octane is no longer a D Tier character but he still kinda sucks in high tier Ranked. He can pull off aggressive pushes alone and with his team and he regenerates quite fast now, however he does lack team utility and is a weaker flanker. Revenant and Wraith can flank quickly and strongly while providing lots of team utility at the same time, but that's just not a thing with Octane. My idea is to remove the jump pad and replace it with another ultimate called "Super Stim" which creates a Lucio-like radius, in which allies are sped up and regenerate very quickly, and this ultimate can last about 6 seconds. It would be a really powerful team push that will make Octane much stronger.


Now that her team and she can steal as much ammo as they want, Loba's value has increased. Her ultimate keeps the team topped up with as much loot as they want and is now much less situational. However the rest of her kit still falls behind. Just because one third of her kit is really good, does not make her really good. I've suggested this time and time again but they should allow Loba to see health kits and shield through walls as part of her passive and make her less vulnerable when using the teleport.


Wattson is a situational Legend in a different way to others. Her kit really depends on the map you're on, so in World's Edge there's much more buildings where she thrives, but on Olympus there is a lot of open space which is where she struggles. This season the value of defensive Legends has decreased significantly because Olympus is not their map at all. She can still hold down buildings quite well on Olympus but she is slowly becoming weaker. Maybe make her fences more punishing, or revert the interceptor changes back to pre-Lost Treasures.


Crypto can be A Tier if you know how to use him correctly. The problem is that EMP pushes are usually so un-coordinated it's barely worth trying. He can respawn remotely which will always be useful and he can also provide recon remotely, but Bloodhound and Pathfinder are much better recon Legends. By the time you exit the drone, chances are your team is 100m away fighting another team and by the time you get there, they are dead and the enemy is topped up. That's the main issue with Crypto that needs to be fixed.


Caustic is much better than Wattson on Olympus because he can control open spaces much easier. His gas is commonly associated with a camp-in-a-building strategy like Wattson but it's actually really strong outdoors at zoning enemies and providing cover for escape. Despite this he is weaker on Olympus and I really don't mind the meta being situated on the map.


Bangalore is so strong in Olympus, as her tactical and ultimate are designed for its vast outdoor spaces.The artillery is such a good zoning tool and now that it explodes quicker it can actually secure some kills. The smoke is still detrimental to your own team but serves as great cover in the new map, and her passive will always stay good. Maybe all she needs is for her team and she to see through her smoke better to allow more offensive plays.


The new Legend is the first new Legend to be very useful! Her gravity lifts are a much better jump pad and her black hole is so disruptive and might be even more toxic than Caustic gas. She will do just fine as she is but to push her up a bit, maybe increase the distance the gravity lift takes you and her allies share her passive while using the lifts.


Revenant is the king of third party pushes. You can go in guns ablazing with your totem and if things go wrong, you don't even have to commit to the fight! If your totem was well placed, you can just escape like nothing happened. The silence is a decent zoning tool but more importantly allows you to secure kills by hacking enemy escape abilities. But his passive is still meh. Allow him to be 100% silent while crouch walking and increase the speed and height of his climb and he will become much stronger.


Lifeline's drone revive is the only reason she is so good. However on Olympus a dome revive is so much stronger than a drone revive. Maybe replace her ultimate with a consumable spawner and increase the healing rate of her drone so it's actually more valuable than just using health kits.


Pathfinder is very mobile with the bunch of buffs he's received lately and is really good for team mobility. However he is no longer a must pick now that his recon perk is not unique to him. I'd recommend giving him an entirely new Passive where maybe he can see all points of mobility (portals, jump pads/towers, ziplines etc.) in a radius of 100m through walls. Really good at rotating around the map and also a pretty good flanker.


Bloodhound is really strong this season. Their scans are really powerful alone as they can A: tell you how many enemies are near you and where they are and B: help you find escape routes or flanking routes. But their ultimate lets you constantly scan so you have constant intel on enemy locations! In addition they can scan survey beacons too so they're even more of a must pick. In addition, the speed boost provided by your ult allows you to slay. The best recon legend in the game and a must pick this season.


I don't really need to explain why Wraith is so good. She has been S Tier throughout the longevity of the game for a number of reasons: she is hard to hit, her tactical allows for engagement, disengagement and repositioning and her portals are one of the strongest (if not the strongest) team repositions and also do well for team flanks.


Gibraltar is the king of Season 7 for me. Olympus has vast open spaces which I've covered many a time earlier in this thread, so his dome is extremely valuable. If you're getting sniped or engaged from a longer distance, the dome can provide a safety net for healing and reviving, and on top of that the airstrike is a lot more effective on Olympus. You can force people off the high ground or indoors with ease and he is really strong right now.

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Re: Apex Legends Tier List (Season 7)

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Really interesting post, completely agree with the top 3. 


I would however have Caustic and Wattson on C Tier however due to the fact that Olympus is fairly open and I don't have trouble killing either of them. 


Loba is also a B tier legend for me as well. 


Mirage is also a B tier legends for me as well. 

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Re: Apex Legends Tier List (Season 7)

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crypto is S tier in my books 

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Re: Apex Legends Tier List (Season 7)

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@rockyboy1998 I can't say I agree with putting Mirage in B Tier. He is doing really badly this season because it's a challenge to successfully bamboozle and he has little to no team utility. I suppose it's fair to make Loba a B Tier, but I definitely don't think Caustic and Wattson are C Tier because they can fortify buildings when they get the chance.


@mikogibo Crypto can be really good if you have truly mastered him and are using voice chat with a bunch of friends. This is the reason why he is B Tier for me: his kit is only good in certain situations. Most of the time you are playing with randoms, your EMP push is so uncoordinated. In addition, Bloodhound does much better at finding enemy locations because they don't fall behind and don't need to pilot a drone to do so.

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Re: Apex Legends Tier List (Season 7)

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@CompleatBeet Octane is not recommended for Gold tier? Caustic is not recommended for Platinum? You have it all wrong. Octane is more than okay in Gold, Caustic is definitely good in Plat+.
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Re: Apex Legends Tier List (Season 7)

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@BaldWraithSimp Gold is when you have to start considering your picks, and it would be an outright injustice to say Octane is good for Ranked as a whole.


Why use Stim when you have Void Walk, Grapple, Double Time or the better movement abilities by better characters?

Why use Jump Pad when you have Gravity Lift, Zipline or Grapple?


Octane's passive healing is the only good trait he has but it's not a team utility which is of high demand this season.



Caustic is not that great on Olympus just like all defensive Legends.

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Re: Apex Legends Tier List (Season 7)

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i have found emp+jump pad pushes to be quite effective even with randoms in non ranked 

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Re: Apex Legends Tier List (Season 7)

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@CompleatBeet I'm a wraith main and she should be in A tier, for casual playing she is just not as powerful as it used to be.

More often than not, I can't rush people anymore without getting crushed because of the skill delay.
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Re: Apex Legends Tier List (Season 7)

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honestly i didn't read the full post because its too long but am sure it's good so I gave you a cookie Standard smile

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