Apex Legends Tier List (Legacy/Season 9)

by CompleatBeet

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Apex Legends Tier List (Legacy/Season 9)

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Consistently the best and most viable Legends to use in competitive play. They are basically must picks because of the incredible value they provide for your squad.



Legends that are really good and have great potential to be part of the professional Legend meta. 



Very balanced Legends overall: there's nothing bad about them, but nothing great either.



Not very optimal Legends to main if you want to climb in Ranked, however can be just as good as higher Legends if you are dedicated to playing them.


Use the same tier list template: https://tiermaker.com/create/apex-legends---legacy-tier-list-template-476495


Please let me know your opinions!

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Betreff: Apex Legends Tier List (Legacy/Season 9)

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★★★★ Guide




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Betreff: Apex Legends Tier List (Legacy/Season 9)

★★★ Guide
@OkulteKeule97 So I'm the only one exaggerating about Wattson being sucky. U guys don't even use her and shes a easy to kill. Oh right shes C rank
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Re: Apex Legends Tier List (Legacy/Season 9)

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★★★ Guide

@CompleatBeeti agree with most of this however i would switch lifeline and pathfinder, actually think lifeline got buffed and pathfinder really doesnt have much unique to his kit, so many characters have movement abilities

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Betreff: Apex Legends Tier List (Legacy/Season 9)


@XLnarrator  She's been used primarily in ranked for quite a while, probably why he's placed her as an A-Tier.



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