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Apex Legends Guide

by CompleatBeet_963

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Apex Legends Guide

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★★★ Guide

Hey everybody!

I really love Apex Legends and I'd also like to give the community some nice tips and tricks to help you savour the championship more often!


Step 1: Plan

So this is a step that I think is important especially in high tier games. Don't just hit the ready button - think about how you plan to play the next match. Here are some tips to ensure success early on:

- Set up a premade squad. Randoms is always fun but Apex Legends revolves around teamwork and using Legends and skill sets that work well together. If you have no friends, there are so many LFG systems out there: on Discord, Reddit: there's even one here on Answers HQ!

- Think about your Legend set up. In competitive you really have to prioritise cohesiveness between Legends . For example, you could run a Wraith or Bangalore for offense, with a Lifeline or Gibraltar to support that offense and protect them

- Imagine your loadout - In a Battle Royale you can't necessarily plan your loadout, but it's good to idealise one. My favourite is the R-99 and Wingman combo, so I'm always on the lookout for them and their attachments


Now you're ready to play!


Step 2: Land

My best tip, as well as tips from others, is to land at a range from 200 metres-500. Landing less than 200 metres away from the dropship usually means more fighting and squad bump-ins, but 500+ means more running from the ring. The 200m-500m is a good mix of both. While landing, check how many teams are landing in your area and try to stay away from them until you load up. Also, make sure you don't land with your teammates: obviously stay close but not close that you're fighting over the same loot.

If landing far, use the dolphin-dive method, where you move your character up and down to maximise distance.


Step 3: Loot

I don't really need to tell you how to loot, but one tip that is good for new players: don't pick up EVERYTHING you see. Open your Inventory to make sure you actually need that item so it doesn't take up your valuable inventory space.


Step 4: Combat and mid-game

While in combat, I have a lot of tips for you.

- Use doors as cover to heal. If you and an enemy are on opposite sides of the door, they won't be able to get in without breaking the door down, which will cost them time

- Open supply bins and hide behind them for cover too

- Use your character's kit wisely. In combat, the tactical is usually the ability you'll use most, while ultimates can help turn the fight in your favour in dire situations

- If you manage to eliminate a squad, waste no time. Unless your downed ally is on their last seconds, quickly loot and heal before reviving just in case another team decides to ambush you

- If an ally is killed, don't be mean and loot their death box unless you have to in order to survive. If a beacon is nearby or you have a portable one, make a portal/zipline to the box from the beacon if you can and protect the loot

- When respawning an ally, remember how exposed you are. Open the supply bins but don't steal the loot to ensure that your returning teammate is ready for battle

- Think about your Legend's uses and potential and don't be hesitant to sacrifice your loot for the win. For example, give Level 4 backpacks to Legends good at reviving safely

- Try not to immediately kill downed enemies: remember, the whole squad will be eliminated if the last member is killed. Only thirst if you are low on health kits, shields, ammo or if they have high value items, especially Level 4 Knockdown Shields or Level 4 Backpacks as they can revive themselves

- Don't leave the game unless your squad is eliminated! It's only over when it's over.



If you've managed to make it to the last 5 squads, you're squad is officially in end game. You'll need to be really careful because the championship is almost within your grasp. Don't be afraid to "camp". It's a valid strategy that can get you the win. Apex rewards survival time and teamwork more than kills.

Try not to immediately confront a squad unless they see you, of course. Finish a fight as quickly as you can before another squad third-parties!

Once you reach the top 3, try to make the other two squads fight, watch from a close but safe distance and third-party the squad that wins the fight. If you're quick: they may not have had time to heal or revive their allies!


And that's all for my guide, folks. Let me know if you learned anything or if you have any tips and tricks!

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Re: Apex Legends Guide

★★★★ Guide
@CompleatBeet_963 very nice guide dude , but if may i want to add one thing to step 4 .
regarding thirsting,if the enemy squad have a lifeline then thirst all otherwise it's very risky specially if she have lvl 4 backpack
what do you think ?
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