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Apex Legend’s Season 6

by GhostexIV

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Apex Legend’s Season 6

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Probably just gonna get right to it. If you’re an aggressive player and want to be able to have a squad that’s side by side with you through TRE(target rich environment) locations then this game probably won’t be doing that for you for a while. If you’re a tactical player who likes being the support to a team and being able to reposition and slow a team down behind you or be a base of defense in a zone, WELCOME TO APEX! Honestly, which I already know for a fact, they’re going to change a lot this season. Not only just the shield increments but the TTK in general. Honestly this game is getting about closer and closer to BO4 blackout where shields and health are history. Gun patches are decent, legend patches are subpar and the overall repositioning of ANY area on the new worlds edge map might be close to impossible. I PERSONALLY don’t think it’s about certain legends nerfs or gun changes but the area of the map itself. Honestly if respawn is going to do something like this, then make kings canyon duo permanent because at least there it’s point a—point b gunfight whereas worlds edge is point a—————point b————————point c—————gunfight. Fingers crossed for an instant patch though because yikes, not a good way to start a season where I can easily crack a red body shield (doesn’t deserve the word evo, too cool) with 3 shots from the G7. Oh and seriously, enough with the new additions to the game then changing it a month after. Stop bringing new things to the game and not attending to the real problems that are already at hand. That’s how you lose a player base

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