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Re: Apex-Best game around!

by ApexMiddleFinger

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Re: Apex-Best game around!

★★★ Apprentice

Well yes but it's still a trash can game unfortunately. Most games are trash because they refuse to create skill gaps...but after playing for a while you will notice the MANY flaws with Apex and respawn


The first problem in my view is with respect to weapon balance. This is an EXTREMELY bot friendly projectile based fps...


there are really only three guns that require any skill to use...those would be the longbow, the wingman and the scout...all single fire weapons that require precision fanning over targets and hitting shots with these guns...


the next tier of guns by skill would be the 301, r 99, prowler, hemlock,flatline...these guns are strong but have limited clip sizes and decent recoil...


Then you have the bot category. Virtually impossible to miss with or extremely overpowered/unbalanced...this category consists of mostly spam guns and hip fire spray and pray've got the devotion, the havoc, the peacekeeper, the Eva, the spitfire and the triple take...

  • Devotion-turbo charged with a 44 round mag and recoil reduction is bot friendly
  • Havoc- hipfire with turbo charger is bot friendly
  • Peacekeeper- enormous hip fire reticle and up to 150 dmg per shot and I've hit for 80 at 100m before early game before I dropped it
  • Eva- again massive hip fire reticle fast fire rate...guaranteed dmg if any part of the hip fire is friendly as it rewards inaccurate shots
  • Spitfire- well it has recoil but it's easily controlled...takes barrel stabilizers...has a 55 and mag potential at 18 dmg per shot...just spray and you'll likely win due to the other guy being stuck in a weapon swap animation
  • Triple take- if your aim is on vertically it's pretty hard to not deal dmg...fires 3 rnds simultaneously in a horizontal get rewarded with atleast 27 dmg even if your slightly forward or behind target since gun fires in spread...kinda botty for a's by far the most bot friendly sniper for just dealing annoying suppression dmg

Then you've got you trash can guns...these would be the p2020 and the Mozzy...flooded by slightly better alternator and re 45


Then later you realize the game caters to bots through looting zones....most edge locations are high tier while central locales are mid tier...from my experience most skilled and aggressive players drop central because they want action.


Then you realize the only purpose of looting is to give unskilled players the chance to feel skilled when they 1 tap the 4 kd player with a pk since he got no shield and a p2020...if the game allowed load selection ( drop with the 2 guns you want) and full shield ( purple )...bots would get clapped as soon as they touch the ground...then the player base would decline....but they're many more bots than sweats so respawn will keep the game bot friendly


Then you discover all the bugs and glitches and audio problems and realize how lag affects gameplay...


Then we get to the fact that their is no sbmm in this game and only 1 mode and you realize...damn...I'm always carrying my squad...damn why did my teammate, that I HAVE to play with, push that team after I pinged enemies on are left...why didn't he fall back and regroup? Why did he run into a house with 3 sets of foot steps when he only has a white shield? 


Then you realize, or I did anyway, that yes this is the best game out right now, and that incredibly sad since it's garbage for all the above reasons



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Re: Apex-Best game around!

★ Guide

@Psycho4Real wrote:



Im playing Apex for only 1 week but i'm really impressed by the game overall.
I have tried every battle royal in the last few years. (since H1Z1)

However, this game contains everything.

It's intense, with great graphics, solid gameplay and variations of it, etc.

What do you believe?




Welcome to Apex. First of all, I'm glad you enjoy the game as much as I do. Everything you said are right about Apex ( intense combat, great graphics, solid gameplay). The gameplay might need to tweak here and there, but it's normal in most BR games I played at this stage.


As long as no cheating issue get resolved, Apex is easily one of the best BR games out there.


P/s: You can ignore all those miserable whiners who got no constructive things to say but keep complaining in all the games they played. Some points they made are ridiculous I cant help laughing.

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Re: Apex-Best game around!

★★★★ Novice

first of i thought it was good game =/ and there is to many hackers. I started to play back yesterday and hackers are still here. This guy talk about apex, everything he have said are true.



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Re: Apex-Best game around!

[ Edited ]
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he sounds funny. its better to burn out and die then fade away.


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Re: Apex-Best game around!

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i can't believe that he bashing so terribly about this game. This is such an huge public insult to EA and Respawn, and i thought only this forum are going through with this kinda situation.

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Re: Apex-Best game around!

★★★★★ Novice

I want to thank everyone who took the time to reply.
It's unavoidable to see positive and/or negative comments about the game.
However, we have to keep in mind that we are all here to have fun.
Happy gaming guys!

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Re: Apex-Best game around!


Hey @Psycho4Real 


Always nice to hear that someone is enjoying the game! High five

What's your favorite weapon so far?



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Re: Apex-Best game around!

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That's a hard question.
I would say Flatline from assault rifles and peacekeeper from shotguns.
I also think that those 2 are more suitable for Bangalore who I main.
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Re: Apex-Best game around!

★★★★★ Apprentice

Yeah, it's great the first week before you get everything and don't have any reason to play.

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Re: Apex-Best game around!

★★★ Guide



Do people realize that before modern warfare games didn’t give you anything to play them and for years people still played video games why do millennials need to be rewarded for everything everyone gets a trophy has ruined everything 

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