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Re: Apex Alterego

by Mabezan

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Re: Apex Alterego

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Rather self-confident, but often struggling with words and with a humour that tends to be at my own cost. Plus I could see myself as someone who owns a bar.



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Re: Apex Alterego

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@EA_Spectre This photo makes mirage look el- elo- el- elokent- elockent-
It makes mirage look good
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Re: Apex Alterego

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@CrazyPlays54 Did they fix the anime-bent fingers, though..? 🤔
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Re: Apex Alterego

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@EA_Spectre Mirage should have his own rainbow flag
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Re: Apex Alterego

Caustic, didn't even have to think about it.  Tongue out

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Re: Apex Alterego

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Probably Gibby, I'm slow AF, big boned, and curvy!


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Re: Apex Alterego

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Gotta say Wraith. To me she's like the 1 legend who's always cautious of everyone and everything. Planning her next move, being logical and listening to her instincts (crazy voices but ya know) and helping out her friends when she can just like me. This is probably why I main her, all I'm missing is her go-gadget and I'm set. 


I won't relate to the inner demons she has because this is Apex not therapy Nerd  

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Re: Apex Alterego

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I would go with crypto,only fight the battles you know you can win

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Re: Apex Alterego

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Caustic - thicc boi that develops gasses day and night, destroying any nose they touch... especially my wife's. 

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Re: Apex Alterego

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I'm more like an off-speing of mirage and Wattson, for my family and close friends who know me well I'm sarcastic and funny as hell we can have a good time, but I struggle with strangers, either they miss my sarcasm and jokes or I miss theirs which usually upset everyone. So I usually tend to build walls around myself, and stick to my work or whatever I'm doing and go home at the end of the day without developing and new friendships. 

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