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Re: Any way to lock fps?

by Biochemikas

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Any way to lock fps?

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Logged in to checkout the new changes and noticed fps_max wasn't working. Glad there's more security overall but Apex will crash if I let it default to my monitor's frame rate. I don't know of any other way to lock fps on Apex. Zipped lips

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Re: Any way to lock fps?

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It is working, just not very great. I set mine to 237 and it sometimes goes as high as 245. Without the lock it's often sitting at 300+, so the lock is working, just not perfectly. I guess to have consistent <240, I would have to set it to 230 or 225.


P.S. I don't remember if it's +fps_max or -fps_max, but I think only 1 way is correct. Try both.

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