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Re: Anticheat is working - 32 wins in two days

by TissuePaper77

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Re: Anticheat is working - 32 wins in two days

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Most of them are telling the truth over here, yesterday i play like 10 hours straight, and i felt like its just another day with cheaters . I got really dissapointed with the situation and have to send video to EAC.


I give respect to EA moderators or i will be raging over at forum with my pathetic attitude.


I believe respawn will implement the new system that they are currently working on. And i'm sure EA aware of this, they simply cant spread the lies to everyone that will ruin the company prestige.

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Re: Anticheat is working - 32 wins in two days

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Nice man!


Its always nice to see good players and their insane stats in the champion squad as well.

Me and my friends always try to kill them more then other people. ^^

If your legend has the same skin as that champion your not safe! muhaha.


after the match seeing the banner of people you killed would be an amazing feature in the game as well.

Because seeing I killed other amazing people would make me feel good.


Right now i only see when i'm getting killed by other amazing people :<


So i hope to see your banner after the match some day! *evil war face*

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