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Anti cheat is flaming pile of *

by r00tdownX

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Re: Anti cheat is flaming pile of *

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So your mad at me for having a opinion and it has not changed yet because no one can seem to prove they met cheaters 20% of the games.

Or proof the anti cheat system sucks and is garbage.


I did not say people are hiding their aim bot, i'm saying that is the only thing they can do because having the right to aim bot does not exist.

you get banned using it because its not allowed and i don't approve or defend people using one.


I don't belittle anyone's viewpoint, i'm asking for more proof then 1 clip showing a aim bot or most of the time just a good player doing his thing.

Actually everybody who send me clips where 90% skilled players and 10% aim bot.

Also it is not the entire community i'm facing, there are a some people who agree with me.


Telling people they are wrong and explaining why. 

And asking them to proof their claim. ( most of the time. )

Is not downgrading and degrading people.

Sometimes my response towards someone like you who directly try to insult me can be like that.

What you are doing to me right now is belittle me and downgrade me, but don't worry i'm not that bothered about it.


How can i make an agreement on this matter?

Its either true or false and i'm calling false.


So you are allowed to go to every post and blast your opinion there with caps lock on and all.

But i am not, Because its different then yours?


I understand that people turn to the forums some times just out of frustration.

Dump their claims here and hope for me too's to feel better.

and for the longest time there was no one asking for proof, telling them them they are ''properly'' wrong.


Now there is, And people are going wild.

It seems the forums are no different from real life.

I'm not allowed to walk and think in another way then the masses it seems.


But i keep doing it, and i think i'm allowed to as long as i don't insult people for no reason.

Because i'm not having better things to do at the moment. :<

So as you say, See you in the next hacker post! Standard smile

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Re: Anti cheat is flaming pile of *

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or you can just go to apex's discord or any other COUNTLESS discords and level with others lol 


wait you probably there now demanding a 2k ADR in your group LOL

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Re: Anti cheat is flaming pile of *

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The cheats on the asia server are really stupid.  They do not hide when you spectate them.  They just carry on with there very obvious head locking aimbot.  Look at people through walls and rocks pinging enemies half the map away.


There is a ton of hackers in the game more than I've ever seen in any other game.


Respawn needs to FOCUS on making a clean gaming enviroment like fornite. 


There isn't a million cheat makers out there how * hard is it to buy cheats and reverse engineer how they are working.   Obviously it will tell you a lot about the weakness in your engine.



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Re: Anti cheat is flaming pile of *

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