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Re: Anthem

by Rlyeh6560

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Anthem Needs a screen size adjuster setting or am I just missing it? I can't totally see the bottom to see what buttons to press for stuff I looked into the options and can't find a way to adjust the screen ...

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Re: Anthem

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I’m having the same problem 😔

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Re: Anthem

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I am also having the same problem. I am hoping Anthem will have this option soon since I am unable to adjust my tv screen size.

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Re: Anthem

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Same problem here on Xbox
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Re: Anthem

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Hi all!

I’ve recently answered this question in a previous post. Be sure in the future to check other similar posts for the answer to your question and save duplicate posts! Standard smile

The fix lies in the resolution and/or settings of your TV or monitor. It is most definitely not Anthem related. Be sure to check picture settings and such on your TV/Monitor. Standard smile

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Re: Anthem

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Not all TVs have screen size adjustment for 9x16 (widescreen) images. Resolution was set correctly on my XBox and TV (720p). There is no other size adjustments except for 4x3 ("standard") images. Are you saying we all have to buy new TVs to play anthem?
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Re: Anthem

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Re: Anthem

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@Rlyeh6560 wrote:

Thankfully, Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) stated "Option {to adjust screen safe zone is) in main game".

Mark Darrah's tweet

Im glad to see they are putting this feature in the game.. I had this issue through the VIP demo, and had no idea how to fix it since my other games have an in-game screen size adjustment on setting up the game for the first time.  So I see no reason Anthem would not include this kind of thing in there game.

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Re: Anthem

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Make sure your platforms (Xbox or PS) resolution settings match your TV's capabilities. Check that you aren't outputting on 4k if you don't have a 4k TV, so if your TV is 1080p, make sure your platform matches that.


This solved the issue for two of my friends, if you are still having issues perhaps think about upgrading your TV before too long as even though they have advised that there will be resolution settings in the full game, you may come across the issue again with other new games.

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Re: Anthem

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Yeah. Happens in a number of games & apps. TV is 1st gen plasma (720p). But, I live on a fixed budget, so $300-$400 for a new TV is difficult to swing.

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