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Betreff: Anthem, you're not ready!

by Darcantix

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Betreff: Anthem, you're not ready!

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they need 2 years to fix it
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Betreff: Anthem, you're not ready!

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'The demo is from a now seven weeks old build. '
so why are they trying to attract players on an outdated inferior version of the game? its idiocy... unfortunately its what ea seem to specialize in
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Re: Anthem, you're not ready!

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For me, Anthem is a main menu simulator.



Launching game - your account has limited access to Ea services errorr message


Launching game - adjusting birghtness - disconnected from EA services


Launching game - chose my character - got to see my hands on some table with a bracelet/ring on one of them - disconnected from EA services


Launching game - in some room - controls feel slow so decided to adjust mouse rotation speed - get into menu - disconnected from EA services


Launching game - go straight to the menu to adjust controls - disconnected from EA services

Close game

Copy game data to my gaming laptop, go to a neighbours house who uses a different ISP.

Launching game - get to see loading progress bar - disconnected from EA services



All in all, took over 40 minutes to just give up and uninstall - most of that time was spent watching some progress bars and reading all them fancy connectivity error messages. Don't get me wrong, my pc is not the best out there (i5 8400K and a GTX 1080) but the way I see it, it's server issues that prevent me from playing at all. Maybe it's too many people online as not all servers are up for the demo, maybe there's an error within the game that keeps on disconnecting me at the early parts of the demo, or maybe it's just my ISP that doesn't like EA (and my nieghbours ISP as well I guess...). Whatever it is, a "not buying into this" reaction from me simply because if it's online on;y and I can't get in, yet other EA games with online functions work? Yeah, do the math yourself what the problem is.


Oh well, looked nice on gameplay vids, too bad it will remain like that for me.

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Re: Anthem, you're not ready!

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How did you pay extra? All you had to do was preorder, and preorder is just the price of the game.
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Betreff: Anthem, you're not ready!

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How can you say they need 2 years to fix it? Have you played the final finished game?

Start to finish?


How can people make judgements on a "demo" that we have been told many times is now over a month behind what the final game is.

The vip weekend was terrible, but I haven't run into the issues I did have this weekend thus far.

If you feel like it's not ready, then don't buy it/cancel your orders, but is there really the need to make post after posts about it?

Play it, don't play it. Not everyone needs to hear about it.

Do you think the devs and the countless other members of stuff want to hear people moaning/slagging off the hundreds and hundreds of hours they have poured into?

The final choice is with you. Buy it or don't, but many will.

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Betreff: Anthem, you're not ready!

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yep right now its toilet pass on that...
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Re: Anthem, you're not ready!

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I disagree. I had a great time this weekend playing it and it has left me wanting more. Yep, it's short, but hey, that's the nature of a demo. Yep, they still have a few issues to sort out, but playing most of the day today I didn't have any issues that inhibited my game play
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Betreff: Anthem, you're not ready!

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@ukvoltThey should be interested in hearing feedback and details of issues people have with their games. Because if there are problems that prevent me from playing the demo, chances are I'll give up on actually buying the game - that doesn't really hurt me, I'll buy something else, but it sure as hell hits EA/Bioware sales. So if there's more people with a given issue, and noone comes in here to give feedback, there will be literally thousands of people who'll just turn away and leave to play other games. Not something you want as a games publisher don't you think?

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Betreff: Anthem, you're not ready!

Please may have varying experiences in the Demos, only they can determine whether the game gives them either the interest or confidence to proceed with it.


Personally, I've seen improvements in the 30+ hours I've played over 3 different weekends and I'm all in for launch.


Different experiences are valid and should be respected.


It falls to BioWare to determine whether the 10-weeks more polished launch build is ready, my guess would be that it is. Standard smile

I don't work for EA, but I adore BioWare's Mass Effect, Dragon Age & Anthem.
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Betreff: Anthem, you're not ready!

[ Edited ]

@iXioN_RM wrote:
Then call it a beta. A demo should make people want to buy it...not being able to log on for 2 weeks makes people want to cancel their orders

It would make me want to buy it if I hadn’t already pre-ordered six months ago. Even though I ran into a few issues with playability as well as an occasional technical issue, and I expect it may take a couple months past release to resolve most of them, I’m still keeping my pre-order.


People have this expectation that since EA is a “big company” and has “a lot of money” they should be able to afford to put out a 100% flawless product or else they’re greedy and cutting corners. Thing is, throwing money at a problem only gets you so far. When you have a complex system such as a videogame, you can only have so many people working on it at one time. And no matter how many testers you hire and how many different test configurations you come up with, you will never represent the real world. And when faced with unexpected issues, all these people can only do so much in a day. Or in a week.


I am not a huge fan of EA, and I think there are things they could definitely do better as a company, but one of the things I am pretty certain about is that for a project like this, they are providing all the resources they can for the developers to ensure everything goes smoothly. They’d be totally stupid not to, and they’re not totally stupid. Likewise, I’m sure the developers working on this game are some of the most skilled in the industry and are doing everything they can on their side. If nothing else, because you don’t work on a project for six years only to let it fail in the last few weeks due to something within your control.


Thing is, some things are outside your control. This game is pretty much pushing the limits of all kinds of technology with what you can do with it. And you’re relying on all kinds of technology to work for it to happen. They’re trying to make a game where you can fly around huge maps at insane speeds with three other people across the world and have a smooth, seamless experience. It’s more difficult than you might think to even make it *possible.* But at the end of the day, they need the internet to also cooperate for it to happen. The internet is a patchwork of all kinds of hardware and software, with unpredictable traffic coming across it, fundamentally still largely operating on technologies built literally half a century ago. That’s not going to change two years from now, and may not even change ten years later.


I’m assuming there are at least few hundred thousand people trying out the game right now. Even if we assume the game was 99% perfect, it means there will still be a few thousand people who will have issues. I’m honestly sorry if it doesn’t work for you, because you are kinda missing out, but the fact it still works for hundreds of thousands of others is still pretty damn impressive if you ask me.


The demo works nearly flawlessly for me, and I’m playing on Ultra settings, on a system that technically doesn’t fully meet the stated minimum specs, using an internet connection that is technically considered “slow” by today’s standards. If you give it a few months, it’s likely they will make it work for you as well, if it’s at all technically possible, and if you co-operate with them in helping figure out *why* it doesn’t work on your system. If you don’t, no amount of time postponing the launch is going to help.

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