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Anthem on PC using 100% CPU

by MoronicChemistry

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Re: Anthem on PC using 100% CPU

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I'm having the same problem. CPU usage is at 100%, sometimes it drops down to 80% but that's still very high. It usually happen right when I start up the game and I'm at Fort Tarsis. Sometimes once I'm in a mission, the usage will go down, but it's been staying at 100% more lately. I had to "Repair" the game through Origin just to get it lower. When the usage stays at 100% while I'm in a mission, I get a lot of stuttering, which makes the game quite annoying to play especially when there's a lot of things going on in the screen i.e. The Cataclysm map.





CPU:                  i7-9700K OC @ 5.2GHz (getting 80%-100% usage, 60-70C) 


CPU Cooler:    Corsair H100i Pro


GPU:                  RTX 2070 Founders Edition OC @ +120core, +500mem

                           (getting 90+usage on ultra settings, 1080p, with 165Hz Monitor)


RAM:                 16gb 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance



P.S. I just built this PC last month and it's very new so there's no reason why my PC should be struggling with this game.

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Re: Anthem on PC using 100% CPU

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@Dauragin the games an unoptimized mess.

2080ti Lightning Z
32g system memory
250gb Samsung EVO 970 M.2 (system drive)
2 terabyte Samsung 970 Pro M.2 (game storage / work drive)
2 terabyte WB black M.2 (also game storage and overflow drive)

i have no reason to be lagging or stuttering, it's been MONTHS and Bioware have been entirely silent on the issue. I gave up midway through the first Cataclysm as there's just no end to it.
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Re: Anthem on PC using 100% CPU

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Had the same problem and was looking for answers in here. Make sure you have Vertical Sync turned On and HDR Mode to Off.
This lowered CPU usage by about 30-40% on my 6700K. Hope it helps someone.

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Re: Anthem on PC using 100% CPU

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Go to Game Properties and Disable Origin In Game.

After that the CPU gets 55-85% Usage.

Hope this helps

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Re: Anthem on PC using 100% CPU

@ariescarneiro This is a good tip, but doesn't work for everyone, sadly. If it did, there would be far fewer complaints.

Just another gamer hoping to help.
Love playing RPGs, MMOs, and Action games.
Like watching most other games.

I'm not employed by EA.
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