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Anthem needs radio stations

by Shaddoll23

Original Post

Anthem needs radio stations

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Flying around anthem is awesome. Having some radio music would be fantastic to fly around too. 


Fortunate sons

All along the watch tower

hooked on a feeling

are all prime anthem music imo. Having a couple of different stations would be great though.   Standard smile 


we have suits we have radios. It’s perfect for anthem. Make it happen 😊

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Re: Anthem needs radio stations

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flyin and killin bugs / mutants and other nasty stuff while listenin to music sounds nice but while in batle it might get a bit hectic cause you know tons of explosions bullets rainin and S.....

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Re: Anthem needs radio stations

[ Edited ]
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Yes. I'd love radiot stations...once they fix the damn audio bugs.


ACDC Shoot to thrill for the real Iron Man Experience XD

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Re: Anthem needs radio stations

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Someone on a different forum said we should be able to listen to radio plays while in the javelins. Man I would love to help with a project like that.

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