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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

by starforge71

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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Lately it has been pretty good for me getting in to the game. In the start, it would take me 3 times to load before it would work, but that has gone down (for now). I have not gotten a disconnect either in a while, and I think more will come in the future. I actually really like this game, and I hope not to run into more crashes.

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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This really needs looking at. I’ve crashed three times today on the Xbox one. The game will play fine for about half an hour then it will drop audio and freeze. I’ll wait a couple of minutes to see if it sorts itself out, but no. Occasional my character will still be able to turn but won’t move. Controller will sometimes provide feedback as well.


Network is great tested other games such as neverwinter and problems with connection at all as that is stable.


Only anthem. Trying to all my might valour etc challenges but I can’t as I can’t do world events or quick play or dungeons. 


Please put out more effort into stability rather then new content right now. Without stability new content is worthless as people still won’t get to play it. 

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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Hi, I am playing on an Xbox 1.

i have not played Anthem in a long time waiting for the you tube channels to say you added new content.

the you tube channels said you added new content so I signed on tonight.

i did notice some minor changes but no new dialog nor new missions I could find.

the challenges in my list had to do with eliminating an outrageous number of enemies But I decided to start with some scars and outlaws I made it through one world event but during the second world event the game froze made glitching noise then booted me to my home Xbox screen!

Being a persistent person I signed back in it asked if I wanted to resume my game I said yes. But instead  of bringing me to the world event it started the free play session over. 

This happened 2 more times. 

Playing on GM 1 I only received blues and purple loot and that includes killing a titan(this level enemy should always drop legendary items simply because they are the hardest enemy to beat especially playing solo.)


Although it is July 26th 2019 still no sign of the Cataclysm.

 This was suppose to release in May!


just so you know I completed both Mass effect 2 all missions and dlcs and also mass effect 3 with all side missions and dlcs missions.


i really think this game could have been great but the lack of interest in meeting your promises to your customers is at best lazy and at worst it is disrespectful.

When the Cataclysm is finally released it should never go away. It should be a permanent add on to the game.

loot drops should be based on what level the player has achieved not based on a RNG. This is a video game not a video slot machine.

as an additional comment the map in free play showed only 4 other players, logged on between 8-10 pm, that is beyond sad and it makes it impossible to be revived during a battle. My only choice was to hit x to restart the level.

 again more disrespect from EA. 

 I guess I will replay a different game and check back in 2-3 months

a reply from the community monitor would be appreciated. 

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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i cant play more than 15 minutes before it crash's to desktop not had many problems before last undate

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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Attempted to play free play today. Big mistake. I have yet to last 10 minutes before the server shutdown message or the entire game crashes. 

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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I cannot believe this game is in the state it is in. I keep wanting to Love it but I am continually disappointed by the bugs in this game and not the ones you can shoot. It freezes, crashes, drops the audio, kicks you out of servers unexpectedly or mid mission(especially during free play) there are missions that are glitched(Rune gathering for Mathias) and destructible rocks, plants and crystals that don't go away upon collecting. The only solace I can take is that I paid $14.99 for my Legion of Dawn Ed new at Best Buy. Currently I am uninstalling the game and reinstalling it in hopes it will fix something, probably won't though. And after having read the forums its like EA and Anthem could care less what you are going through. They need to be sued.   

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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Don’t know if it’s got to do with the latest update because I haven’t played the game very much since I bought it. But the past few days I have gotten an error message on the title screen that the service isn’t available at the moment. When I later have been able to log on I have done some free play but all of a sudden the screen freezes and I get tossed back to the home screen of my Xbox. I guess that’s not a “dangerous crash” but now I’m afraid that the game really will destroy my Xbox one x if I continue to try. Can’t find any new updates on this from users or from EA / BioWare? Anyone here that might be able to help me out?

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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@nyddet85 If they ONLY optimize the game for the xbox and nothing else, I'd play this game. Eliminate the bugs, crashes, rubberbanding, poor animations, freezing, connection issues, framerate problems etc.
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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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Yeah that would be great. Actually reinstalled the game and it didn’t freeze although I could find myself facing invisible opponents 😆

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Re: Anthem keeps freezing and crashing

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The freezing and crashing happens in other platforms too. I am on Xbox One X. The game crashed so many times yesterday (Labour Day here in North America) that I stopped keeping track of how many times it happened!The game crashed 4 times while doing the Britaheim event, once during a stronghold, a couple of times in other parts of the cataclysm. I have submitted posts in the General Discussion section asking EA/Bioware to take a look into their server capacity and network but they have not made any comment about it.

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