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Re: Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

by SoutherB34

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Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

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★★★★ Novice

So, after the roughest demo/beta I've ever played, I just noticed Chad Robertson's message and I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry:

> We’ve been testing the entire game and platform for several months, but there were a few things we missed;

That's quite stating the obvious. How did you miss the infinite loading screens problem? Did you have 5 testers with identical PC setups for the entire creation process?

>I want to dispel one comment we’ve seen: that we under-planned for server capacity. To ensure stability, we intended to manage our servers to match the player population as it grew. Overall, we had excess capacity prepared for population increases, and continue to do so.

It still took a large number of people a very long time to get in. Why not add the extra capacity that was on hand, or at least part of it? It's not like a server that's idling from overcapacity is drawing a lot of power, and if you have the spare available, why not go for that extra capacity then just in case? It's not like login issues are good marketing, in fact had you tossed in that spare capacity and not had these queue issues, that would have been good marketing, because everyone was expecting pure queue misery and guess what: they got it. So rather than setting yourselves apart, you just confirmed to one of the many issues (let's not jump into others) that seem to plague the gaming industry nowadays.

As for the main issues you mentioned...

> Platform connections

See the above


Seems like a silly programming mistake to make, but I know how easy a programming mistake can be made and hope it gets 100% fixed before next weekend.

>Infinite loads

I wouldn't describe this as some players. From what I gather it's been many, (2/3rd of those I know who tried the game included). 3 out of 4 mission starts or returns resulted in an infinite loading screen for me. Even better: you can't get back into a mission with a party, also when you return, you get no loot but you do seem to get XP, in other words: you may end up leveling up a couple of times while being undergeared because all your loot isn't given. Besides, how on earth are you going to fix something this big in the next 2.5 week?

Honestly, my experience was crap. I had so many technical issues that I barely managed to do the 3 story missions and have been in chat sessions with support 4 times. I tried the stronghold, but when yet again I couldn't get in, I simply gave up on the demo (today at 4pm)... I never made it past lvl 10 as a result of the technical problems. I can't say that I'm feeling confident at this point that the final product will at least allow me to play the game without crashing half the time and getting the mission's loot. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised next weekend, but.... Frown I was just expecting more.. I can't even tell for sure what I think of the game itself due to the technical problems that were clouding my vision like rain on a car window.

At this point, due to the myriad of technical issues I've had, as well as those in my live who also tried the game, my experience felt like I was playing a late alpha / early closed beta experience. I thought the demo and next weekend open beta were done because of pride and confidence in the game. I was not expecting all these issues. This is also not what you should expect from a demo, so close to release date. Had you asked me to take part in the alpha or early closed beta and this was what I got, I'd have understood, but for a demo so close to release date... I estimate you'll need at least 3 months to fix the reported technical problems when burning the midnight oil.

Then perhaps is another discussion, but as you mentioned those numbers: I understand you're happy with the Twitch numbers, but I hope you also realize that your player base has other types of players. I hope I'm not the only pre (or even after) 2000 gamer when I say that I don't understand why people can be arsed to watch some random millennial play the game that I had wanted to play in a pleasant, bug free way in the first place (putting it friendly). I already don't like the concept of vids with some random shrub's face in the corner in the first place, but it's not helping your mood when you're struggling to even get a game to launch, to see that random shrub happily playing it and also had the additional pero of having been given alpha access simply cause he's a streamer and can thus put more hours into the game then someone with a regular job.


ps: while this may sound negative, I've been playing your games since Baldur's gate in 98, and am rooting for your success, especially since you got everything riding on Anthem.

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Re: Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

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★★★★ Novice

I respectfully disagree, we are playing a game that is an older version.  We experienced a dedicated and compassionate live service response that is unrivaled in my experience.  Full transparency and responsiveness is not something we have really ever seen on a day one launch! Patience is obviously a virtue that is lacking in our community.  In all honesty I feel that we have seen the fruits and labors of hard work and dedication to the franchise. I'm disappointed in how poorly people have reacted to what is the first live service demo we have ever had released. Take a step back and compare this to other titles. This is a step into the future of developer and gamer relations. I see only bright things to come from this studio!

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Re: Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

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★★★★ Novice

First time in years, a game made me hard reset my PC bec game was stuck on black screen after mission loading page


  • Tried the windows key : nope
  • Tried the famous "alt + f4" : nope
  • Tried the "ctrl + alt + del" : nope


What a magnificent gaming experience. I'm impressed 


Since the 25th, I was able to play only during one mission, the first one, rest of the time was trying to get on the server, then get in the mission, then, forced close the game, and repeat. 


So yeah, in my humble opinion, no, Anthem is not ready for release

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Re: Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

★★★★ Novice
Keep in mind this is a brand new title, running a build that comes from 6 weeks ago, most of these problems have (speculating) already been fixed, if not will be by the open demo next week. We all had trouble but don't let that tarnish your overall experience of the title.
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Re: Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

We saw tweets saying more servers were being switched on within moments of the issues and we subsequently know it wasn't down to server capacity.


Sure, it was rough, but these things are fixable.

I don't work for EA, but I adore BioWare's Mass Effect, Dragon Age & Anthem.
I can be found here on EA Answers HQ and on BSN forums:
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Re: Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

★★★ Guide
They shouldn’t call it a demo though, the bugs are atrocious. Calling it a demo leads people to think that the full game will have all these same issues, and if it does, that is bad beyond measure. I have to quit every loading screen I get into three or four times before the game actually loads and lets me play. And I mean every loading screen, from just logging in to trying to load a mission, a mission ending, or even being respawned. A few different times while in the stronghold I was in the middle of a firefight and just randomly went to an infinite loading screen for no reason. This is not what I would expect from a demo, demo is short for demonstration, after all. What are they demonstrating? All the atrocious game breaking bugs? They should call it a beta or preview, and I can only hope they get these problems squared away by February 22nd, because the game is actually fun when it works.
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Re: Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

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★★★★ Novice


Could you cite your source that we've had an earlier version please (and yep, I hope you're right)?


While I respect that you've got a different opinion, and agree the transparancy is good, I'm somewhat surprised that you're not recognizing the technical problems people had. I had no plans this weekend apart from a short workout break saturday and sunday and wanted to really jump into the demo.

I've effectively played maybe 3 hours due to the techanical problems I've had. Granted, I gave up at 4 PM today after yet another infinite loading screen.

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Re: Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

★★★★ Novice explains how the demo was essentially rolled back to help bolster the use of the economy in the game. I understand the frustration I waited 11+ hours to actually get to play, that being said I realise that the issues have probably already been resolved in a more recent build of the game. Keep in mind that there's room for improvement in many regards but I strongly believe that's why this VIP Demo happened. If they catch these issues now, imagine a flawless day one release of the full title. To my knowledge that's never happened! But I feel you, I took all day Friday off and didn't get to play! But it's all in the investment of a better day one experience!

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Re: Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

★★★★ Novice


Remember this demo is six weeks behind the progress they've already made. If this old of a version runs the way it does, there's no doubt in my mind we are in for a treat. 

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Re: Anthem is not ready for release, reaction to Chad Robertson

★★★★ Novice
Thanks! You doubleposted the same link, but it's insightful and does give one slightly more hope Tongue out
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