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Re: Anthem for Ps4 (Coins)

by HndsDwnThBest

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Anthem for Ps4 (Coins)

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It is my understanding that you get coins for other things besides completing challenges and the Alliance. I do not get any coins other than that. I started a ticket and it got deleted. I didn't delete it. I have not heard a word on anything about it. I'm on ps4, login is Daddio_fx. I'd appreciate someone looking into this. I dont think it's fair for me to have to use real money to get things in game that others can buy with in game cash. 

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Re: Anthem for Ps4 (Coins)

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Add you Michael_swk

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Re: Anthem for Ps4 (Coins)

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You get coins on alliance reset AND doing or completing challenges which happens often by just playing. You can view all your challenges in your journal UI
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Re: Anthem for Ps4 (Coins)

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Fairly certain the only way to get coins is from challenges and alliance.  Completing all and having a full tier 10 alliance should net you roughly 20-25k per week.  Alliance is about 10k, weekly's many are 2k each, dailies vary from 2 embers to 750 coins

There was a brief time when small amounts seemed to come from chests, but haven't seen that since 1.03 at least.  That's also assuming it wasn't just from completing a challenge.


If you want to buy all the stuff in the store you need to buy shards.  Stuff will be continuously added faster than you can earn coins in game

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