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Re: Anthem finally playable!

by The_bad_Frag

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Anthem finally playable!

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SLI is now unblocked again with the 1.04 patch and scaling nicely. Now we can start to play the game!


That took a long time!

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Re: Anthem finally playable!

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Profile  ??????

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Anthem SLI - Availale again

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After the latest patch, you can force SLI again with nVidia Inspector, with the SLI profile from driver 418.81, exported on 419.67 (current) I got no flickering, no issues and 20 extra fps on dual 980ti on a 2K monitor, playing borderless with custom mid-to-high settings.

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Re: Anthem finally playable!

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I use the stock profile from Nvidia.


0x2A0115F5 (Debug Mode AFR-FriendlyD3D + Possible Hints, Agents of Mayhem, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, World Of Warcraft, Far Cry 5)





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Re: Anthem finally playable!

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thanks , finally works , excelent performance and no flicker  !!!!!!!!!

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Re: Anthem finally playable!

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pls do tell if it start to crash a lot, i'd like some laughs..
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Re: Anthem finally playable!

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I already played a few houres with SLI and it works just fine. Scaling is around 90% with 2x 1080Ti.


You can' t force me to buy 2x 2080Ti by blocking SLI for 2 months. :P That didn't work for me Nvidia.

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Re: Anthem finally playable!

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its not working. >:0

please stop trolling. 

you gonna make many ppl waste time for fix this issue by download everything from ground zero 



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Re: Anthem finally playable!

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It is working, something is wrong with your settings, try downloading this: AnthemSli418.81.nip (mediafire link); Import with nvidia inspector

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Re: Anthem finally playable!

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excuse me, how it working -___- ?

and I am serious sry , I wil not download anything is not from official on this secure pc. and its not my pc too . 

I use it from official only and if its not working. its nothing wrong in any setting 


or you gonna ask me use force render option is reduce from from 60 fps to 22 fps even in town ? yes it working. by send 50 % each to both card and sure its never work over 50% 


this is troll post ever. 


anthem already playable. and we play it. but please don't troll about SLI . couz it will ruin people is waiting . it . you gonna make them uninstall this game -_____- #!@#

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