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Re: Anthem apologies

by SkilledS1RReaL42

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Anthem apologies

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I'll admit, I've gotten on here and complained about a few problems I've experienced along the way in my endless quest to kill anything in sight. But, after reading a post made by biowares gm, Casey hudson, I feel obligated to apologize to EA, Bioware, and any other parties involved. I can honestly tell the game is improving for the better. So if any other anthem fans read this, please just be patient. Soon enough, this game will be up to everyone's expectations.... I know I'm starting to have more fun with it.

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Re: Anthem apologies

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No they need to get it together and fix the game. stop pandering to loot babies and making excuses. Broken challenges and paid content not being received sound familiar EA?
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Re: Anthem apologies

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How many gigs per minute can any one of us program?  I'd say that they are getting it done, just not in the 'do it now' time frame so many people seem to require. I don't know of many perfect launches, but I can certainly remember plenty of bad ones, this isn't as bad as many, not the best of many - but typical of more and more complicated, graphically intensive games being released these days.


I for one have very few issues with the game on Xbone and I can say the same of the many friends that I play with.  Most evenings none of us drop connection, rubberband, loose sound, etc. We get drops, some of us have been getting Legendary drops left and right.... something is working quite well for many of us.

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Re: Anthem apologies

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I wish I could say same... I've been playin the game since launch and only have 5 legendary items. It's aggravating. My loot drops vary way too much. I've run some tests of my own on the loot drops and noticed I've actually received better items (masterwork and legendary) when I'm playin with my friends, opposed to flying solo. Another thing I've noticed is the significant difference in drops on the gm levels. Gm1 strongholds only yield me rare and epic items and Gm2 has had better results since the recent patch, but I'm still not getting legendary items as much as I hoped. And gm3 is just insane for me... 2 hours just to kill one boss. Just seems like an incredible way to aggravate gamers... But then again, some gamers enjoy harder challenges.

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Re: Anthem apologies

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I've been playing since launch also and have only recently (4 days ago) started getting legendary drops, 1 per day for 3 days running, not including yesterday of course. At first I began to think that legendary drops came after reaching a certain power score, mine was the upper 500's when my first legendary dropped. I didn't pick it up because I was stuck behind the first chest fog wall in heart of rage.... wished I knew of that respawn feature then.... would have used it.... but anyway....


All my drops have come from world events in freeplay on GM1; which is usually where I play. A buddy talked me into playing on GM2 last night, swearing that's where the good stuff drops, but that didn't turn out to be the case, even my count of master work drops diminished. Another friend came on and said we'd do best on GM3 (I think he's a masochist), but again, it was the same rare and epic drops, so I'm going back to GM1 to see if I can land more legendaries.


In regards to better stuff drops with or without friends, it's been kind of a toss up for me.  The legendaries that I have been able to score have come from both, playing solo in freeplay and playing with friends in freeplay. I'm beginning to think that drops are as random as we the players are.


It's been far from perfect, but I've not had the issues that some have had and as long as the updates don't affect my game play, I'm ok with whatever they come up with and what ever loot I get.


I'm still lovin' this game!

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Re: Anthem apologies

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I have had most luck with legendary drops in strongholds GM1. One day I got one legendary every time I played through and the next day only one.. only complaint I have and that's because I prefer to play alone is free play. I really think it's server based on loot because it's either all or nothing, I wish there was more oppertunity to get legendary during free play.. other than that I am enjoying it, must be considering I have 9 days accumulated in game play...

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Re: Anthem apologies

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@skilledS1RRaeL42 I have had some horrid luck then suddenly 6 legs in one day then NOTHING.
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