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Re: Anthem PvP mode?

by XxBlazingKnight

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Anthem PvP mode?

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Is BioWare thinking of putting a PvP mode in Anthem? A PvP in Anthem would be awesome. After the story ends, there is nothing interesting left to do in a PvE and that is where PvP keeps the players on the game. PvP modes are more fun to play too. Are there any plans for a PvP mode?

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Re: Anthem PvP mode?

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They have only said maybe after launch and is really low chance even then and if it is done that it has to be in a way that does't effect the main game and is completely separate.


I personally hope that it never happens since it will just take away from the main game no matter how hard they try to not let it IMO.

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Re: Anthem PvP mode?

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As far as I have heard there isn't any PVP at this time.

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