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Anthem: Matchmaking & Mission launch concerns.

by Dolfa1

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Anthem: Matchmaking & Mission launch concerns.

★★★★ Novice

First, after the major resolutions to issues causing login, and infinite load screens, and then the rubber-banding, the game was very fun and enjoyable!


Now as for Matchmaking, this should always be a choice, not forced at anytime! Constantly requiring a full return team is just bad planning here. If I just want to fly solo or with one or two friends, I do not want a random player assigned to my team! If another person I want to play with gets in game, I should be able to invite them to an open slot, but we cannot at this time, due to forced match making! Please address this. Default setting for everything should be Private with Matchmaking as an option that can be selected either at launch or possibly anytime in game. Let us at least have Privacy ability for any and all activities!


For Mission or Freeplay Launch, Allow us to add team members and launch and let them catch up at their leisure. Making the group wait at Launch Ready for One person who is working the Forge or in conversations is ridiculous. We would be waiting for 5-10 minutes while someone was doing other things. It is a waste of time it bottlenecks the launch and game time. This plays right into the above issue, allow privacy for all activities, and allow us to invite directly to open spots as we want.


Please stop putting restrictions on how we do activities and forcing community matchmaking down our throats.


Thank you.

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