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Anthem Mastery System?

by UmbroNox

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Re: Anthem Mastery System?

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It will probably be recycled content, things we already do but will do with a higher difficulty level.


Like the legendary missions, we already did those and weee we can do them again.

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Re: Anthem Mastery System?

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Sorry replied to the wrong thread. This would be a bump for your topic though.


Happy Gaming.

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Re: Anthem Mastery System?

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I'll be honest not happy to find out it might not be happening as character skill progression is one of my favourite parts of gaming... 


Took a much needed break from anthem this weekend hopefully things are close to getting some progressive fixes.... :/

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Re: Anthem Mastery System?

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The old pilot progression system looks better than the current stripped back path system and inscription system is broken.


The mastery system will potentially fail if they do not remove the god awful scaling system they have in the game.

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Re: Anthem Mastery System?

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I hope that they allow crafting of masterwork and legendary items while in the forge.


whats the point of having ember in the store if you cant use it to craft items?


I believe this is the direction bio-ware is going in.


It would be nice to circumvent the stronghold grind and just use the embers you collected and craft whatever legendary item/weapon you want (if you have the blueprint for the weapon/item)


I have over 999+ of epic and masterwork embers sitting not being used.


I also think bio-ware should introduce a new difficulty tier like "Mystic" which has a new color for the mystic loot and use that as a reward for fighting through the cataclysm and other roadmap events and bio-ware can have mystic events to encourage players to team up to beat insanely huge bosses and legendary enemies and restrict based on power level (either have masterwork power level or legendary power level to enter these events)


Players could make multiple runs through the cataclysm to get guaranteed legendary and mystic loot.


This would make the game much more fun to play


Alot of gamers will prob come back to the game if this is the plan.



EA community managers PLEASE READ THIS POST!!! 

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Re: Anthem Mastery System?

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I think this is going to fit in the gaps with Sigils. If you look at the graphic there are three gaps, I bet we end up with something to drop in there related to an achievements with weapon or gear.

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