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Anthem Issues WTF

by lVodnarb

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Anthem Issues WTF

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My issue with this game, Anthem?

My issue is you!

Can you not figure out the parameters of your own game, you tweak the settings literally every day. Every time I open a chest now I get nothing but embers and 1 purple if I’m lucky, sometimes it’s a blue(by the way I’m playing on grandmaster 3) why am I getting blues out of chests on GM 3? I played a legendary mission today and it was like playing a stronghold mission, when I played the other day it was difficult but definitely not stronghold difficult.


Also I play as the storm and randomly during missions my gear stops working, I cannot use either of them including support, WTF is up with that?

This game is a complete disgrace, you released an unfinished game and continue to tweak parameters daily because you f***ed up, this includes drop rates enemy difficulty etc.


Also why do the inanimate objects have the parameters of elite enemies, i.e. destroying boxes(egg sacs as well) in missions that are literal bullet sponges. For Christ’s sake there are NO masterwork support systems, unfinished game! Our gear damage and weapon damage is so out of wack when playing on GM 3,(I have legendary weapons and gear on) this is unacceptable! You seem to be still beta testing your game after release on the people who thought they bought a full game!


We still constantly get kicked(freezes) or disconnected from missions for no apparent reason, and no it’s not our internet connection it is your connection.

Also also, when will we get a STATS page?! It is BS that there isn’t one for this game, all those numbers mean jack s**t without seeing your overall stats! We may as well have 1 shield and 1 health, it doesn’t seem like it matters because no matter how much armor and shield out components say they have we go down in one shot!

Also also ASLO, we need to be able to see what we pick up in missions, and/or we need to be able to scrap or AT LEAST DROP things during free play. I DON’T NEED BLUES. I will accidentally pick some up, which is taking up “inventory” space and making me have to quit out of free play and/or leave behind ACTUAL VALUABLES on the field. (WHY is there a maximum inventory space anyway?) it is really annoying needing to quit out during free play to clear inventory, I want to stay and play, but need to return when full to dump all the dang BLUES that I’ve picked up! -_-

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Re: Anthem Issues WTF

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Also there are still Crystal Walls in Strongholds. First and only Stronghold in few days and immediately the whole team got stuck in Heart of Rage in the turret-part before the flight suppression zone, was just that Crystal Wall in the stairs and no enemies left anywhere. Could only disconnect.


I mean, why are they in the game, still even though was supposed to be fixed and in the first place. What's so bad if someone wants to go to the next room if there are enemies left, can just come back after noticing that was still supposed to be in the previous room... :d

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Re: Anthem Issues WTF

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the stats really mean jack ... for me at least ive tried every possible combination of increase gear speed increase L1 speed increase L2 speed... they are all the same speed

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