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Re: Anthem™ - Freelancer, Javelins and Customization (New Gameplay)

by EgoMania

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Anthem™ - Freelancer, Javelins and Customization (New Gameplay)

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February 22nd 2019 is the day that Anthem will be released. During the EAPlay Press Conference Bioware showcased new Anthem gameplay, trailers and concept art. In this video we're taking a look at the four Javelins: the Ranger, Colossus, Storm and Interceptor.

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Re: Anthem™ - Freelancer, Javelins and Customization (New Gameplay)

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I'm not sure what to think of this. All 4 are basically DPS classes with different types of weapons and combat styles I suppose.


On the one hand that has positive sides because it's all DPS and group composition won't be an issue and it'll be easier also for the single player story to manage combat. On the other hand though, the lack of specific roles like tanks and healers generally also means that boss fights and combat in general has fewer dimensions to add. So this could possibly mean that boss fights or BAMs will not really have much in the way of mechanics and end up feeling similar.


There is something to be said for both but over time I hope that they can keep co-op interesting because it might end up feeling very similar and one boss is exchangeable for another.


On the upside they really seem to have given different styles between the javelins and that at least can bring some variation and make it feel like it really does make a difference for which suit you play from a playstyle point of view. I do have the feeling that group composition should be flexible for the LGF system so it shouldn't matter which javelins you bring.


What is worrisome in there is if a specific Javelin or combination of two becomes very popular because they are much better than the others. Four javelins or classes is not a whole lot and if half of them are considered sub-par that could be problematic. I suspect content will not be that hard for groups but I wonder if they will bring in higher difficulty modes since it sounds like the co-op shared world missions are instanced and not in a persistent world.


So many things to consider lol.

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