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Anthem Event IDEA

by Simpatikool

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Anthem Event IDEA

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The Great Race Mission: An idea for an Anthem Event.


I would like to see a mission that flies your squad from the bottom of the map to the top of the map (or vice versa). The "course" would have some random World Events. Say at least 4. A squad would have to get from point A to point B, while also successfully completing ALL World Events on a timer. The objective of the mission would be to get the best TIME to complete as possible. There would still be chest and loot drops as normal. One of the 4 World Events would feature a high level "Boss" like encounter. Some sort of specific course across the map is what we are getting at.


This would be a RAID or Stronghold level of difficulty. 


The time would be tracked on the Leaderboard with some sort of loot reward or vinyl for the top performing team every Month.


Teams that comm and have strategies would have a big advantage here. You need a squad with effective tactics to win battles, have good map awareness and flying skills/piloting skills in order to complete the challenge. 



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