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Re: Anthem Didn't do it

by MrSandman777

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Anthem Didn't do it

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★★★★ Novice

Who actually writes this stuff on a Saturday? I took the weekend off for this game. Guess i'll go to the bar instead!


- The protagonists voice acting is completely out of place imo. I don't feel like a bad-* javelin pilot rebuilding a name for a war-defeated faction. I feel like Kyle Crane (male voice) from dying light who got prescribed estrogen and developed a high school girls sas. I don't know what was trying to be constructed through the voice acting, i know it couldn't have been the story (more on that later). I'd say at least 90% of what comes out of MY characters mouth is something i'd never say myself; it really makes me wish i could just turn it off all together. I would've infinity preferred just text at this point. Don't even ask me about the 1=good and 2=bad 'social answers'. 


TL;DR The protagonists voice strips away far more than it ever added. It completely detaches me from my character. Feels 100% out of place for the game itself. Does nothing for the intended story and takes away any form of immersion.


- The story is only recognized when its shoved down your throat almost desperately. And it really only manages to annoyingly detach me from the main game play. Could all these characters and personalities exist in a more passive world and still offer enough depth that I recognize the census of the world and the goal of the protagonists/antagonists? ABSOLUTELY. Did I need Kyle Crane to get me there? ABSOLUTELY NOT


I feel like I am 100% train-railed after every mission to do the following - Warp back to Hub > walk in first-person with no other control to a misc story member > press F to hear them thank me > listen to Kyle Crane say something that feels 100% forced  > slowly walk back to my jav> take off on another mission = repeat. In reality i think the entirety of a 'closed' hub and our voiced protagonist could've been scrapped for a more free-world with inclusive online interaction instead. I have this vision of dispatching on a mission and being able to fly out of the hub with my OWN CONTROLS and doing everything and flying back in at my leisure with other players running around and stuff. Trading, being able to talk to others in the hub, recruit for missions, compete for something? (The assets put into the hub could've been put into a PvP system for example)... ANYTHING other than this beautiful, yet completely shut, empty, lifeless community block.


I will say a small redeeming factor is the lore. Its something I really like; knowing the backstory of 'all the things' big and small adds a layer of depth for those interested and is definitely not over-intruding. Feels like old-bio ware writing - if a little short.


Oh yeah, and the story inst really anything memorable. I feel like I've played better iterations of it that have been done much better. Im confused as to what this game wants to be. Is it a single player game? A multiplayer one? It seemingly isnt getting either of those right.


TL;DR For a game so focused on freedom of movement, freedom of weapon choice, and freedom of play-style. It almost feels like its desperately and forcefully on rails in every other aspect. Having good movement and gun-play cant stand up on its own when you've forcefully built the games foundation on other limiting factors.


The ACTUAL game-play is fun. As mentioned above, the amount of movement in this game feels GREAT. Flying, jumping and boosting over, on, and under everything is awesome! The gun-play is solid enough. Being able to spam javelin abilities in any way you like/choose is nice. The abilities are fun to use (and you can use them A LOT). The guns are nice enough, they sound mechanical and feel big. A lack of crouching is strange for a game so focused on giving you freedom, i cant take a breather behind anything smaller than a bus (tedious for higher levels where cover is essential) Overall id say this part is fun.


Its a shame i feel like 50% of my time is spent in the hub waddling around (alone+out of suit) trying to pick-up contracts. (Back-tracking to above)


TL;DR When you are actually PLAYING the intended game, its fun! You'll be flying, exploding, and shooting everything at all elevations! But you are VERY often forced to an absolute crawl with the hub. I relate it to owning a super-car with a gas tank that holds about 10 minutes worth of fun before having to refuel.



A few other thoughts that don't need deeper analysis.


- The graphics are not bad. But compared to the EA demo we saw 9 months ago... yeah, people are going to complain. I like the post-processing in action intensive fights. The explosions and lights are fantastic as they are! You definitely could have just shown off this version of the game and people would be happy. Again, seeing what could have been was like shooting yourself in the foot. 


- Map diversity is lacking. Its a jungle. Mixed in with some sci-fi areas we've seen since the 90's. Blue energy everything and glowing fauna, etc. Could definitely use depth and biome diversity.


- The actual missions you get sent on (minus the story aspect) are getting re-used. It is very repetitive for me to have already "killed turret, killed boss, press f" in the same area a couple times in a row. 


- Enemy diversity is kinda meh. After 4 hours you've seen every enemy in the game unfortunately. 


- Constant out-of-javelin really does feel terrible (3rd time saying this) if only you had maintained an open world this game truly would have felt like something special.


- Constant loading screens is rough. I think the technology is there that this could've been avoided 100%


- The sound design is good across the board! I'm seeing the music getting a lot of praise.


- Lack of text chat seems like a giant fumble. Nobody i play with has ANY personality to them. VoiP being disabled by default attributed to this 100% I have yet to hear a single person respond to anything. Im usre its better with friends but to be completely honest, none of mine were convinced the game was worth it. (ever for 15$ on premier)


-The way you take missions and interact with the HUB feels suspiciously (literally exactly) just like Dying light. (I think there's 5 or so voice actors from that game that are used here)


Concluding - Anthem could've been an amazing game. It had the building blocks and exposure to really pull people in. It just fell flat in so many ways and I believe it doesn't fit in with what many people were expecting/hoping for. Anthem is a confused wannabe single-player game with multiplayer elements. The multiplayer elements seem almost intentionally pushed to the side and the single player aspect leaves the whole thing feeling completely non-fluid. I truly could've seen Anthem carved in with the titans of the genre (Destiny, warframe) but instead its dulled and already feels forgotten. 


8/10 for the combat / gun-play / movement

8/10 for the creative sound design

7.5/10 for graphical fidelity 

2/10 for the story execution

3/10 for the multiplayer execution

0/10 for the 'Hub'








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Re: Anthem Didn't do it

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★ Apprentice

Honestly the lack of a chatbox is the worst thing ever. There is just no way to get social interactions going. Those other random players im playing with could also be BOTS i wouldnt know the difference. 


Nobody is talking via VoiP not on the missions not in the hub and when you free play you cant even activate the VoiP period.... i mean really>?

I feel lonely in a multiplayer game... can you believe that? ... 


Yea yea i know get discord some might say and join a group but honestly its always bad design if you have to use 3rd party software for a game to be able to socialize with someone. 


And yeah i agree with you Fort Tarsis is a joke. All those people there have to say something but nothing is important. 

Some feed you missions and thats it... idk


I like the game dont get me wrong but why couldnt they take some inspiration from Warframe for example? Their hub design is awesome..   


Well im glad i got the game for 15 bucks with premier because after the couple of hours i played  *level 15 now* im already seeing the end of the game coming. 

Because the rewards from the challenges are a joke... there is nothing worth grinding for tbh... a decal? some ember?  where are the blueprints for armors and weapon skins? 

Is this realy the full release of the game or do we get everything on feb. 22th? i wonder lol 


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Re: Anthem Didn't do it

★★★★ Novice

I mostly agree with a lot of your points. I'm not mad about the purchase as I feel Anthem will be a journey and I'm glad to be along for the ride. Being a new IP can't be easy and it's not going to get everything correct right out the gate. At it's core, the gameplay is great but it needs more of everything outside of that. More variety, more story, more enemies, etc. Overall I'd rate it a 7 or 6. I've even been telling myself this is the best 6 rated game ever! Lol The gameplay has that addictive factor that could draw me in long term, but like Destiny, the depth has to be added. Good news is the DLC planned going forward is all free so I'm hoping Bioware has some serious expansion in store


Another reason for the low score is the damn bugs and poor optimization at the moment. I can't stress this enough and I'm sure a lot of people agree, framerate over resolution (on consoles of course) is priority for a game like this. With so much going on on-screen, the game can chug when you need it most. While I like the native 4k on X1X, I'd much rather they lower the resolution and unlock the frame rate.

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Re: Anthem Didn't do it

★★★★ Novice
Fully agree with OP.
I subbed $15 for Origin Premier to try this game out and will not be purchasing a second month, never mind buying the game.

I would add one point to the above.

The ONLY thing that makes this game special or different from its competition in the genre (Warframe, Destiny, Ghost Recon:Wildlands, etc) is the fantasy that you are given an Iron Man suit with which you can fly around and explore a massive open world.

That ONE THING is then, and I will paraphrase the OP as his statement was beautifully illustrative, like being given a super-car with a gas tank that holds only 12 seconds of fun before having to refuel.

Yes, I understand the mechanics and that there are ways to extend flight time, but that is not the point.
I should not have to land if I don't want to. At the very least, I should be able to count my flight time before having to manage heat in minutes rather than barely double digit seconds.

With the one thing that makes this game different being barely noticeable, that leaves the other aspects which every other game does better.

Mobility is better by far in Warframe.
Combat feeling and fun gun-play is far, far superior in Destiny 2.
Exploration is better and more rewarding in Ghost Recon:Wildlands.
Story is better in... practically every game ever made.

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Re: Anthem Didn't do it

★ Apprentice

Good day, and thank you so very much for being able to put into a clear and concise analysis of exactly how I feel about this game.  I mainly enjoy playing games co-op with my friend, and this game has been such a frustrating experience for me.


Bot of us being Bioware fans, we were looking forward to the opportunity to explore a world together, in a Bioware made setting, yet the design has me feeling such a huge disconnect from my mate.  Yes, we have a great time when we are actually out doing a mission, but the total isolation I feel when in the Fort, really makes me feel this game doesn't know what it wants to be.


I won't even begin to get into the load screens, as that has been beaten to death, but I will say more than once even playing in a private session just the two of us we either one of us lost the rewards do to a disconnect during the end mission load screen, while the other simply times out in the middle of a mission and never got to finish it.


I can sympathize with those who are here for the story, and keep getting hit with "teleporting to group", but thankfully because it's just me and my mate, we wait for each other so we make sure we both get the full experience, and yet still I feel unsatisfied.


I fully support everything you mentioned in your main post.

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