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Anthem Demo review

by kyfishinnut

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Anthem Demo review

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★ Novice

I would just like to say thank you for the demo run this weekend, like many others experienced a lot of issues playing on day 1, 0 play time to be exact. 


  • After I did get on I noticed only a few small issues, the aforementioned infinite load screens were a bother. Small amounts of rubberbanding. 
  • I believe navigating around the Fort could be sped up, it felt cumbersome.

The good things I noticed about the game was


It did not disappoint, the open world was stunning. The flight controls where spot on, and the amount of customization was amazing. Very happy with what little I've seen so far  congratulations on a Beautiful game.

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Re: Anthem review

★★ Novice

Note that this should say Anthem Demo review instead of Anthem review.

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Re: Anthem review

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Thank you.   It definitely should

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