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Anthem Demo Recap (In my honest opinion)

by AltaRoma

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Anthem Demo Recap (In my honest opinion)

★ Apprentice

Hey guys!

I may be new to the whole forums and posting my thoughts but I thought I should add some input (who knows if people will actually look at this)


So since everyone is covering the * supremely well, I though that I would start with the pros...



I actually loved it! Maybe I'm in the minority who knows. Sure we had issues (which I'll get to later) but that's to be expected when you add thousands of unique systems and players to the pool.

Anyways lets get on with it:


- I really liked the combat system - I thought it was very smooth and the gun mechanics were awesome with the kickback and everything

- I actually enjoyed the flying - it did take like 10 mins of practice but once I got it down in went really well - it was a nice easy way to escape a fatal moment in battle and hide behind a rock to recharge (lets not start on water though)

- I loved the customizability of the cosmetics of Javelins (I probably spent like an hour two just getting all my Javelins to have a similar look)

- I liked the missions and the story (howbeit limited and simplified) was pretty fun - the Matthiases were fun - i hope this story stays in the final game

- the stronghold was a BLAST - it was hard and I loved the challenge - though tbh most of my time was spent starting it over cause of infinite load but a lot of people had that issue so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- I actually really liked how the quest pointers were step by step not just a general "go this way and find your own way and probably die on the way cause of bad guys" - it was nice to have to stop and look at the map every 2 seconds to make sure I was still headed the right way without having to worry about dead ends

- I liked the loot amount and I hope that it doesn't drop too much in the final build

All in all I thought (mechanically) it was a solid demo/beta


Now on the *

I know like everyone and their dogs and cats and fish have ripped it apart and showed its entrails to the whole world, but I'l give my feedback and constructive criticism.

Also let me preface this part that this was a HUGE project. My best friends dad has been working on this and they've been working on this for a long time and I know that crazy amount of man hours have gone into it so I really hope that the final release is good


Having said that, here's my *:



- obviously the big ones: Infinite load screen - on PC it was a simple fix - just close it with Ctrl+Alt+Del and then reopen it and rejoin the expedition. Though unfortunately it didn't always work that well and you would lose your progress in the mission (or stronghold as it was in my case)

- the rubberbanding was also another main one - i died a couple times because of it - hopefully it gets fixed with some server upgrades

- Tarsis was slow but often times in the base is always walk only - and it was kinda boring but that's cause most features were restricted

- The flying was clunky at first but it got way easier with a little practice (I actually got pretty good and using it in battle) I just it was a little easier to jump right into hover and maybe jump twice and hold space and it hovers - or even just a jump and hold and hover (like ME:Andromeda - I know everyone hated on that game but the fight mechanics were pretty good)

- the water was garbage - I finally got the hang of it cause I new where I was going the later times but if I was in a new area, I would hate having to try to figure it out - if it was a giant open lake then I can see how it would be easier to maneuver but in the tiny cave it was ridiculous 

        - I agree with a lot of others that good change would be to have an option to switch between the double circle flight system and a direct central control - esp for water movement

- the UIs were pretty bad - a way to sort the weapons would be easy and when you're going through your loot at the end of an expedition it would be nice to be able compare against what you have equipped

       - an overlayed map would also be awesome

- the server issue the first day is and obvious one and its been addressed so water under the bridge


Possible changes:

Most of these aren't game breakers or anything but just things that would help it feel it smoother


- adjust the flight controls - maybe like ad advanced section in the controls where you can customise the specifics

- have a loadout and javelin selection in the same area where you select your mission so that you don't have to go the forge and then go to the Javelin and then pick your mission and then check what mission and see what Loadout you should have and if its not right you have to go back to the forge and then back to the expedition launch screen

- so maybe not combine the forge and launch but let you pick your Javelin and Javelin loadout at mission launch

- ADD A CHAT SECTION FOR THOSE WITHOUT VOIP - I had VOIP but I only got it to use it like once to actually communicate with another player - the other times it would either say I was speaking and I had no way to know if anyone heard me or I would talk and I wouldn't see the speech indicator so I really had no way to know if anyone could hear me

- Adding team indicators - both for location and for health stats

- I also saw a suggestion to ask at either expedition start or game start if you have VOIP and if you do to just activate it then so you don't have to go into settings and dig through all the sub-menus


With all that being said I really enjoyed it - I may have gotten pretty upset when I was trying to finish the Stronghold ad d I kept having to restart but it just excepted it and I understand that this was a demo/beta to have the masses test it to its extremes

And no I dont agree that it was "false advertising to call it a demo" "they were just lying like always and deceiving us!" 

I think that a demo is a demo. It's a test of what the game will be and since it was the first time putting the game under as much stress as thousands of players there were expected to be issues that were never foreseen in the internal testing.

Also they said that the infinite loading screen had been seen in the testing and they thought they had fixed it, but once they introduced thousands of players and unique systems ans setups, it exacerbated the issue.

I saw a few people complain that they didn't get in immediately when it came out because of a lack of active servers and that they should have gotten in cause "I paid for the game so I should get my due time!!" and that once, you technically haven't paid for it yet - and two, you didn't pay for the demo, you paid for the game and the demo was a perk so you're not entitled to claim that they jipped you cause when you preorder it it didnt say anything that you were guaranteed to get into the demo or that ZERO issues

Anyways sorry for the rant, I just think that people were expecting a PERFECT demo and that they should be compensated for every little inconvenience because "Everything should be perfect and wrapped with gold paper"



Last but not least I thought that the demo was great and I'm excited to see how the open demo goes and what things they were able to fix. I can't wait for the final release and I realise that this game will either make or break EA so I really REALLY hope that it saves it. They really need this to work.


Anyways, thanks for reading if you got this far - you're the real MVP Standard smile

Hope you enjoy and post your thoughts - try to keep it nice - but this is a forum so what am I expecting? 


Alta Roma

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Re: Anthem Demo Recap (In my honest opinion)

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★★★★ Pro

I can respond to a couple of things:


Flight Control: apparently in the full game the flight controls or mechanics have already been changed or so I read. Remember the Demo is an old build (6-7 weeks).


Tarsis: you are actually running, look down at your feet, I have no doubt this will change as many complained about it but I and my friends on xbox had no issue with it. I had a theory that it was done deliberately so when you get in the Javelin you get the movement speed increase and it feels huge. But if they don't change it would a few seconds longer to get somewhere in Tarsis really be an issue?


Chat: due to a law being passed in the US that says after 2018 any game with a chat function must have a voice to text option, which is incredibly expensive to implement, EA/Bioware decided not to include chat due to financial constraints, many games will now not include a chat function I assume, but Anthem may change later as the dollars roll in. personally don't mind not having chat as it comes with its own set of issues. Come join us on Xbox, the xbox live party chat works awesomely well or perhaps try and get the group into Discord.

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Re: Anthem Demo Recap (In my honest opinion)

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Good news for you, apparently in the full game they have already sped up the movement speed in Fort Tarsis.

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Re: Anthem Demo Recap (In my honest opinion)

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On the flight control: oh okay that's cool! And that makes senes

For Tarsis: yeah I actually didn't mind it too much, the main thing was just whenever I had to restart the game and I had to walk/run back to the forge

Chat: Oooh that makes a lot of sense! Thanks for the clarification! And ah I think I'll stay with PC Wink I've always sucked at xbox controllers Standard smile
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Re: Anthem Demo Recap (In my honest opinion)

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Also I wonder why its censoring my post for saying the opposite of pros..?
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Re: Anthem Demo Recap (In my honest opinion)

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@AltaRoma wrote:
Also I wonder why its censoring my post for saying the opposite of pros..?

Haha, not sure. Some profanity filters can be funny. I think we need to remember that it covers words in foreign languages too given that we all share the main server, I might google later to see if its naughty somewhere, could end up having some fun with my mates without them knowing.

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