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Anthem Demo Issues

by Kajto8

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Anthem Demo Issues

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Hello Forum,


i really enjoyed the demo and i am looking forward to the game. But there are a few MAJOR things that need to be adressed:


1.) Loading bug - this is a NO-GO and should be fixed asap, otherwise you will get an angry fanbase.


2.) Re-connect after unforced disconnect or game crash - game crashed at the endboss and when we (friend and i both) tried to rejoin our poor lone squadmate, we could reach the endboss area. This should be fixed.


3.) Loot - after finishing the endboss there should be some form of VISIBLE LOOT. Otherwise players might dont get the feeling of accomplishment which is pretty important to me in a loot-based game like this. Just make it somehow visible via loot drooping directly from the boss enemy or by spawning a big golden chest or something.


((4.) ) Some kind of medical ability for the Javelins. Would be nice to have some sort of Medical-Javelin.

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